Sunday, July 20, 2008

What a tiring weekend

The weekend was a tiring one,but i have loads of fun.I want to show off pics but i somehow has to figure out how to change my opera mini settings first.

*damn i hate IT tech stuff.its mindboggling*

So everyone have to hold their horses and wait...

Anyhow,went to Lea's wedding in Klang today with Farah,Liza and Sheena.The wedding is so beautiful...she must be one very happy bride.

*I wish mine will be as good as hers.But damn she can fit in a size zero dress.I envy lots!*

Somehow the wedding makes me forget of the bad hair trim I got yesterday.Dah la aku tak cukup tido,tension je everytime I see myself on the mirror.Nasib baik the hairsolor is ok.Otherwise tobat la aku tak pergi sana lagi..

*No,the cut ain't done at PeekABoo,aku kini sangat menyesal sbb berpaling tadah.Now I have to live thru this horror till December*

Ok,I am going to stop whining now.


Esok my courses will start.So will only update at the end of the day.

Have a good monday ok.Nak layan Supernatural jap then catch up with my ΕΊ's.

Hugs and kisses!


~LIZA~ said...

eh i tot ada gambar.. hahahahahahaha!

Zuraida said...

kamera kan mati....sampai sekarang tak charge lagi...

Shmea said...

your hair looks great kak zue. lea baru teringat, u look different that day. hehe.

Zuraida said...

hair looks great???
the color maybe...not the cut. And I am so frustrated with the cut...