Wednesday, July 23, 2008

When Lost in Limbo

OMG...I have no idea what's playing in my head. It definitely doesn't jive with anything that I am suppose to learn today...

*Not that the topic is anything new. I knew most of it already from years back while doing my profesional paper. Just can't recall even a single piece of shit since morning*

I think I totally shut out once Miss Kay stepped in. I am definitely not in the mood, and irregardless what she says (or do), I have stopped caring...or even trying to fake any form of interest. It's third day through the course, thank God it will all be over by noon tomorrow, otherwise I just might as well kill myself from boredome.

There is nothing new being in Miss Kay's class....standard bragging, down-grading and deviating from topics exercise that (by now has) turned somewhat sour. I totally quit participating with the excuse that I am never good with consolidation topics, and simply lay the burden of getting the answers to case study queries to the rest of my groupmate.

*yeah, call me spoil won't bother me coz I don't care. I still get my CPE hours at the end of the chill okeh!*

Came out for fresh air in between breaks and lunch hour with a face that's totally demented. Somehow the lack of oxigen in the crowded training room and my mental block had translated to an empty face. Gosh, so not good.

This is the worse training ever.

Something need to be done. Fast.

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