Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Aduhai...kenapa la blogger ni buat pasal...

Internet sucks over the past few days (since yesterday) and despite me being so enthusiastic to load up all the photos I have, I can't seem to get my editing bars in check....no photos can be uploaded.


Kenapa la dunia sangat kejam!!!

Anyhow, u guys just have to hold on your horses and wait up till I can get that straighten up. Hehehehe.Maybe I will drag home my laptop and update at home tonight (gigihnya!!!), but then I have Harold & Kumar 2 to watch and yoga to do, so maybe it'll be tomorrow...

Kalau esok internet bengong jugak aku tak tau la nak cakap apa!!

My bestie is getting married this weekend! And she's not the only one excited, I am excited too! I am so happy for her. Just thinking of it makes me feel touched.

Sigh....rasa macam nak berlinangan air mata je.

But I bet things won't change after she gets married (literally speaking). Of course, there are new rules to apply but then I bet that she won't change as a person....she will always stay the quirky, funny and happy lil gal I always known.

Ok...enough...before I start getting teary eyes.Nanti kang tak pasal2 orang tengok aku semacam je tiba2 meroyan kat ofis sorang2.

*trust me, its not a bad thing. I always have a tendency to get emotional on weddings*


Tina Najib said...


i am getting all emotional too.. cannot believe that finally, the days has arrived! gilo la... hehe..

cant wait to see u on the 08th..


Zuraida said...


see, ur tearing my eye!!!

i sooo can not wait too!