Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another Fruitful Day

The thing about being on holiday is that my body clock starts getting so disorganised,its like its on a perpetual relax mode.Yet again I woke up to my fiance's call at 11am,and had to make him wait for another half an hour before we head to Covershots Bridal office in Kelana Jaya.

Arif had been excited in meeting CB today,since he wanted to have our prewedding photoshoot in CB's ampang bungalow.Unfortunately since they open the lakeside unit in Kelana Jaya,the bungalow had been closed.


Seriously,aku pun jatuh chenta over pics taken at the bungalow.But then the new lakeside venue is quite cool too,and since I am already eyeing one of the gown's,we decided that we should go ahead with it anyway.

Hehehe.Yuhoo!Great.I like!

Date of the shoot is set in December,and I am taking one of the girls for goen fittings and makeup consult in November.It will be fun,I can't wait!

We left CB at noon,had lunch and part ways coz Arif had to work.Hehehe.Me being lady of leisure head straight to OneUtama to do my manicure and pedicure at The Nail Salon.

*anyone of u nak buat mani and pedi this is THE place.the work is great I neer went anywhere else since my first visit there last month*

Since the mani and pedi is not till 4pm (sebab ramai gila orang),managed to catch up with my collegues and did a little shopping (in which ended up not so little,ish ish).Aku soka sale!I can go crazy. I keep on reminding myself on my appointment at Villa Manja on Friday so I wont overspend.

Nanti takde duit nak bayar spa aku pulak mati tension sorang2.


The day ended well.Went to the movies to watch WallE after the hand and foot work and boy,it was great.Hahahha.Betul kata mereka...rugi kalau tak tangok.

Aku gumbira.I bet tomorrow is another happy day.Hehehe.I have facial and hair appointments lined up all evening tomorrow and they are all free!Courtesy of CB!

I love free stuff!

I better go and clean up now.And get ready for agood night.

*smiling contently*


mylife said...

wah! best best best!!!! pre wedding photo shoot esp outdoor... nanti jgn lupa sharing gambar okeh... x sabar nak tgk ko pakai gown...

Zuraida said...

oh.gambar2 macam tu private.tapi nanti kalau ada kita lepak umah aku tunjuk kat ko ok.