Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Day They Block Ebuddy

My inbox bears bad news today.....the IT people finally decided that they should socially disconnect everyone in the building and ban the only (one) available online chat - Ebuddy. To rub salt to the pain, they also ban Facebook and Friendster.

I suppose one day this day will come (and obviously, can it not be today?). Maybe they thought that the use is already excessive and people are not working anymore...

But then what if we do have spare time?What can we unwind with?

The Star News website?

Its not as if we're rallying for UTube.


So babes, I guess you won't be seeing so much of me over YM anymore. Unless I can find my cable and connect through my maxis line.

Hehehehe. Evil. Then I won't get my office mails. Damn it!

I better go and find a new hobby now *wink wink*. Or maybe I should get to uploading the Bangkok photos.


ms. lili@ said...

welcome to the club! :)

Thank God here we still can go in blogspot & facebook -- my 2 gatewayas... :P

Zuraida said...

dear lilia, counting my blessings they didnt block blogger...

But since I have Maxis unlimited mobile access, maybe I will just drop by using that connection to YM once in a while...hehehe...when I am absolutely sure I have nothing to do..

elle said...

fuh fuhh.. aschooo!! dusty nyer blog ni.. hehhehe.. haiya.. mmg serious case of blocking ni..