Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Letter Long Due

Here is a letter I am dying to post to my (asshole) ex boyfriend who unfailingly proves to many how such a jerk he can be over and over again....

All this while I didn't address him directly in any of my blogs...just named as my psycho ex-boyfriend most of the time...but he had completely went overboard this time, so to save many others of the pain and misery he might brought to any of our lives, here it is, in person, finally introduced...

*En Ahmad Faisal : The biggest mistake of my life.Damn the minute I ever met you. Admits 100% idiocity over the decision to date you, and can never believed that I have ever thought of marrying you. Thank goodness that your current beau (that time "man snatcher and idiotic bimbo", now an angel that saved me) put an end to hour relationship, now I am counting my blessings that I have finally met a better man*

In case the picture fails you, here is a brief description of how he would look like as a person : Short (less than 1.6m tall - definitely very short in manly standard), tends to charm but has foul mouth as bad as the drain (in terms of language, i mean), had very little respect over women, attracted to boobs most of the time. And yes, dia kerja di Sapura. So orang2 kat Sapura sana mesti kenal dia, kan??

P/s : so call he claims that's he's a big shot now running the Purchasing Department. Whatever. Dia ingat semua orang gila pangkat ke?

*And he runs the shisha business at Empress Cafe, the Curve. He is not such a hygenic person most of the if I were you, I wont dare order from him. Who might know what kind of sanitation (if any) were ever applied to the shisha bottles.Worse still, maybe none. Imagine all the yucky transfer of old saliva*


Why is this letter finally published???

Well, last weekend he did the unthinkable. He trashed me in one of our common friend's FB photo album.He was obviously pissed that (instead of him) I was invited. he trashed every single photos with words like slut and bitch...even this is his wake up call. My friends told me its pointless to stoop to his low so instead of trashing him with bad words, I decided to write what I truly feels.

So here it goes...

Dear Faisal,

It has been almost 2 years since we ended our relationship. In fact, this september, it will exactly be 2 years. I hate to bear grudges with people, so as time passes, I have learned to let things go. Especially those that concerns you.

I know, our break up was messy. And it will be pointless to point fingers, because maybe both of us is at fault. I truly believe that things won't work out anyway no matter how hard we could have tried, so why waste time and suffer?

Both of us have already met new people, make new commitments. I bet life is a breeze without me nagging to you over your uber-fascination over cars (and how many times you go unreachable and your phone was off , but that's something else), and we are definitely happier not being around each other, so why the hell, after 2 fucking years, must you still dwell over the stupid break up instead of letting it go away????

I know you. I know you so well that I bet you still haven't got over me.And your actions recently just proved that.

And stop denying it!

Remember yor ex, Ms C?Remember those days when you used to sit with me, in pain, after years of break up with her, and trash her like shit just because you are still hurt and in love with her? You might not have said it, but you can't lie to me. Then, it made me feel as if she was "the one that got away" and I am "the next best thing". You still reminisce over her memories and despite her being married, you fail to let go.

Now it seems that I have filled in her shoes. I pity your current beau. She must be eating up inside every single moment you start talking about me and metally comparing me to her.

For your information, I have let you go a long time ago. And despite all my occasional moodswings, I don't hold any form of grudges with you.Just good thoughts.But then what you did what indespicable. Its not only an insult to me and to our friends, its an insult to yourself.

It had definitely erased the very last good thought I had for you.

It shows how immature you are. Moreover, irresponsible and wreckles. Now I understand why you can never mix with any of my acquaintances, because your social capibilities are truly handicapped, in a way that you can never be civil, respectful or capable enough of gaining respect.

It breaks me to see you turn yourself into such a fool.

And guess what, your claims of me infecting your friends to leave you, is so not true. They are human beings with their own rights. I befriended them jst as you did, and they choose to meet me, without force. I don't hang down by their tail and claim that they forget me just because of you, because good friends stick by. Your temper tantrums and foul languange made you lose your friend. I do not have to say a single word.Think about it.

So please, stop all this stupid childish tantrums and just go on with your lives. Leave me alone as I have left you with yours. Go get married and have kids.Maybe if you have just let the thoughts of me go, you can finally be at peace with your existing life....just as I did with mine.

I love my fiance. I love the family he brought me in. I love the way he cherish me, took care of me and most of all love me. He makes me stronger every day, and he truly understands me like nobody would. He is my utmost confidante and best friend.

You can never be all that. So quit your nonsense, it ain't working. To keep it up, you will only make your life more miserable.

Your ex

I hope someday he will finally grow up.


mylife said...

uiks, masuk sini tadi ingat nak baca citer bangkok tp....

good for u zue... mmg ada org org saiko camni kat dunia nih... menakutkan...

Zuraida said...

memang pon. Aku pun dah tak tau dah nak cakap apa.bengang je.

mummy+son+dotter said...

duhhh.. wats wrong with him man..

saiko gile..

x sudah2 kaco hidup ko kan?