Monday, August 25, 2008

Life resumes as usual

The past few days had been great.On top of meeting friends and catching up over a cuppa,I spent my days shopping.And it was heavenly.Hehehehe.

I am progressively cleaning my house to the very last bits.Since I have all the time in the world,I scrubbed clean and moved furnitures around.When I get tired,I just stopped and do sthg else.So far I'm done with my room,and I have the living room,dining room and 2 guest rooms to attend to.

Thats why after paying a visit to a few choice locations around KL for my upcoming wedding earlier in the morning,I went straight to Ikea to get ideas for by bag rack.

*Yeah,I need a bag rack for my overflowing number of handbags.Sigh.Otherwise the third room will be a bag jungle*

I am still in Ikea at the moment,content having a few options in mind,yet I can't commit to anything till thursday when I have settled all my dues coz otherwise I can forget about my La Mer facial and the trip to Villa Manja.Which I wanted so bad.

Its getting late.I bette get on the road to the gym,otherwise I will be stuck in a jam and miss my 7pm yoga class.

Mwahhs!!Cya tomorrow!

*Though I would love to attach pics,it's gonna be impossible over the next few days coz I am on opera mini and I am still trying to go about the settings!So bear with me*

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~LIZA~ said...

have fun shopping!!