Saturday, August 23, 2008


Si cik abang tunang had a lot of making up to la, dia ingat senang-senang je nak ambik cuti pastu tak buat apa2...tipula kalau i kata i tak terkilan dan rasa nak menjerit-jerit. In fact, I spent two days mopping at home and avoiding calls from him...

Tapi I takde la inconsiderate. I have come to terms that he cancelled the trip because of work, and somehow the benefits in cancelling it is more than the loss. I don't have to explain why and what, its enough that I know and understand. Bak kata Lea, kita kumpul je to the next trip, boleh spend lebih sikit....kan???

Despite being tensed and frustrated, I DID NOT resort to the one thing that calms me down...

Yeah, merokok itu membahayakan I can do other stuff with the dosh and since I have all the time in the world now, I can just do yoga, kan????

What surprises me is that ada la pulak insan2 yang tak dikenali suka-suka hati je menyaikokan diri over the situation.Macam diorang pulak yang tak dapat pergi holiday. Dah la aku tengah sakit hati kan, if you guys noticed, minah ni pulak lebih-lebih....

Aina.....It is so not cool.

Maybe I tak patut panggil dia gila, sebab its not classy of me to stoop to her low tapi aku tengah moody kan, whatever la.Sigh. Hilang pertimbangan yang orang busybody macam ni patutnya tak payah layan je, and that they did that out of envy. Dah la dia tak kenal kita, so they don't have the right to judge and if they do judge, it weights nothing, so its just a waste of time to even bother.

I am still taking my leave. I have decided to take the time off to focus on me, head for a head to toe pampering in KL spa' which I didn't do much of late....and focus on my yoga. Dah lama tinggal, so over the last few days I have been taking two classes a day at my gym (yeah, dua kelas ok, sumpah tak tipu) and do more beathing exercise. It helps me calm down. Hopefully by bulan puasa I am more balanced, calm, aligned.

And I am also taking the time to catch up with friends...

Today I had breakfast with Liza and Farah.....this is consolation selepas panas terbakar dengan komen Cik Aina yang sangat tak cool.

*Maybe that's why I never knew her.People who knows me are never like her. They are never that low and inconsiderate.*


Whatever...I also plan to visit zie and her *newborn* baby girl during the weekday...sangat tak sabar.

*Ye la, better go and visit when tak ramai orang visit kan?Boleh borak lama2 sikit. And with the school holidays over, so jalan mesti clear*

Anyhow, the last few days ain't a waste. In between mending a broken heart and neutralising my breath with yoga, i paid a visit to Mid Valley's La Mer counter for "the La Mer Spa Experience" and got these....

Basket of chocs and lemon drink, with a La Mer pouch filled with La Mer's Loose Powder - given away free!!

Did I tell you I love goody bags?? It made my day ok! I had always contemplated on getting the loose powder, but I still have my MAC loose powder and La Mer's cost a bomb.

Now I have one free!!!

I didn't know that they are that G.E.N.E.R.O.U.S!

On top of that they serve you cuppies and champagne (if you don't drink, they have sparkling and mineral water just in case)....coupled with friendly salesgirls (that seem to remember me from my last visit...good memory...I LIKE!!!).... I have to say taht my spirits are lifted and was happy that I was there.

*Dah tau macam ni hospitality dia, next time I got those invites, I will definitely drop by lagi!!!*

Ok la. Got to prep for an early morning tomorrow. Have a good night folks!


~LIZA~ said...

babe.. whatever people wanna say, biarkan aje. we can't please everybody kan? lalat2 yg bagi comment menyakitkan hati tu, anggap aje diorang ni KAMPUNG sebenarnya.. diorang ni yg sebenarnya NAN ADO!! see?? guna word pun dah tunjukkan yg diorang ni KAMPUNG! dah la KAMPUNG.. BUSUK HATI some more.. DENGKI pulak tu. masuk blog u, lepas tu envy mcm nak mampos dengan apa yg u ada.. tu sebab jadi mcm tu. setakat anonymous, PENGECUT!! cuba jumpa depan2, tgk ada berani??

Zuraida said...

yeah.orang macam tu aku pun tak tau nak cakap apa,suka pick on others sebab tak nak face the fact that their own lives are miserable.sigh.biarla liza,berul kata farah,buang masa je layan dia.nanti dia penat tau la dia cari mangsa lain.