Monday, August 25, 2008

Penat La Labu

Its midnight and i just got home from dinner.Not that I was hungry,but si cik abang tunang wanted to check out the new restaurant nearby my house,so, despite being tired after 2 hours in the gym, I hit the showers and again..went out.

I was slightly dissapointed with myself.I end up with a bowl of mihun sup and cendol at such wee hours close to midnigt. Now I am tired but can't sleep coz my tummy's too full.Demmit.

*and that's the exact same reason I am blogging now*


Too tired too clean either.

*Me and cleaning...sounds like a new paranoia*


I better find a way to get some rest.Don't want to miss my date tomorrow to visit zie and baby aisya qistina.


~LIZA~ said...

pls send my regards to zie :)

puterikurekure said...

sampaikan salam aku pada zie ok.
ciumkan baby aisya sekali untuk aku.

babe, i'm sorry ko tak dapat pi itali tu.
cian ko.