Friday, August 29, 2008

Sudah khamis dah?

How time flies...

Just reached home from having drinks with my chill babes at the Curve.Gosh its late and its suppose to be a working night.Whatever.I am (still) on shouldn't matter.In fact,my eyes are still wide open.So I think I will stay up and watch DVD's like non-working people do.

*very huge grin*

I did nothing till 3pm except hogging my opera mini.I had a facial scheduled at MTM Japan @ the Cocoon, Gardens MV, courtesy of Covershots Bridal.I was very excited.Not only because it is free,but also because it comes with a skin analysis.

Ni yang those type of analysis yang keluar kat TV screen tu,uber cool.

Rupanya MTM does personalised skin care,so they do skin analysis before every treatment to determine the best course of treatment.

Seriously,it was embarrasing.My skin was so dehydrated that it looks like granny skin, the skin at my arm area is wayy better.Plus I have blackheads everywhere,when they blow up the visual at the screen my facial surface nampak macam nenas.Berbintik-bintik.

Damn it. nasib baik not im public.

At the end I had the oxygen purifying facial,where after cleansing the face and extracting as much blackheads out as possible,my face was sprayed with high velocity oxigen spray yang amat sejuk!Sangat nyaman ok especially lepas the torturous picit jerawat activity!I sampai tertido tido.

I step out of MTM with a clear face,I like!I am definitely going back there next month!

Then,I had my tresses tended to at Centro Salon,since I get to utilise yet another free wash and blowdry voucher. Mak ai...satu hari free pampering,kalau tiap tiap bulan macam ni kan best.


It was late when I finally left Gardens MV,but I was again,happy and relaxed. Sigh.Miss la yoga hari ni.Lantak.We make up tomorrow before my spa session at Villa Manja,mesti best lepas yoga pergi scrub badan dan berurut.

And as u guys expected,after all the pampering I had dinner and tea with the chill babes.Sigh. Lama dah tak melepak after work,I kinda miss it.Dulu bolehla,satu tempat kerja and all,and we use to meet every day.But it's good to be able to catch up,and with the wedding (finally) going to happen in March,everyone is excited!I felt so happy that my friends are happy for me.

It will be great!

Ok,gonna go watch dvd now.I have Legacy and Meet Dave..hmm;which one should I watch first?