Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What I did Against What I am Supposed to Do...

It has been a long day....

I was suppose to survey for my italy trip...in fact I am supposed to do that all week but what did ya know...I end up blogging (heheheh, banyak benda nak catch up ni) and chatting (wohooo!!!!I finally found an e-msgr. Anyone interested to talk, buzz me!).

*Rinie I'm back!!!!esok buzz akak ye!!!Life is miserably boring without you*

In which made me think back and felt like screaming because...

1. I haven't even touched my "Learn Italian in 30 days" book and CD i bought 2 years ago...wtf???Now that I am leaving for Italy, the only word I know is Bon Journo (means good morning!) and Andiamo (means hurry up!!)....two of my cousin's favourite word....demn it!

*how am I suppose to survive without knowing how to bargain for a lower price???I am so in the need of help*

2. Haven't even touched (again) my tour book that I bought six months ago. Seriously, what the hell is happening to me? Am I in an anti-travelling-book mode?

3. Peeked into my bank account and its not at the level I wanted it to be.

*I am NOT happy about it. But what to do??Maybe I need to bat my eyelashes at my cik abang tunang later. I DO WANT that LV bag!*

And that's only part of it...

Lately (actually since we have finally decided on a March wedding), my mind starts buzzing like a bee on what kind of dream wedding I wanted. Si Cik Abang Tunang had already agreed that I can have the kind of wedding I want (heheheh...suka la tu!) and I have been sitting at home yesterday sketching (yeah, practically lukis the whole idea okeh, macam designer pulak) on how I want my wedding to happen.

So far I have ideas for the kenduri doa selamat that I will have in Tampin. Its gonna be so romantic, and I will shock my relatives to the grave.Hahahahaah.Suka hati aku la nak buat macam mana kan....

But then I also want them simple and sweet, so i try not to go overboard. Nanti banyak sangat clash of ideas kang susah pulak.

*See, now I am diverting from what I am suppose to do (like think of Italy) to the wedding*


Anyhow, its still a long way to March. So hold your horses.

Yang pastinya we are going to get some of the hantaran stuff during the trip, and I am sooo looking forward to it. Hopefully he'll pick up good stuff.Heeheheheh.

Anyhow, its 10 minutes to goodbye's so I'll holler you guys tomorrow ok!!!


*that's another Italian word...so that makes a total of 3 words that I know so far. 6 days to Italy and counting....*


i AM a Bonda to Be said...

heehhee..how come blh ym lagi??arini saya cottii...esok saya buzz.

bestttnye italyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


Zuraida said...

eh bonda to be, rindu kat saya ke??

*huge grin smacked in the face*

ye...i pon dah tak sabar2 dah ni...