Friday, August 15, 2008

Zombie Day

Komala : Zue, are you okay?
Me : Why? is there something wrong??
Komala : U look like a zombie (while making the zombie face) since morning.....u must be really tired or something...


Yeah, to tell you the truth, I am feeling slightly washed out. Not that I do not have enough rest and sleep, I have lots of them.

Maybe I had too much to a point that my body just feel luggish.

*Luggish - is that even a word???*

Today is not such a bad day. In fact, it will be a great day.Why? Hmm....there are many reasons to it....among them are;
  • We are celebrating Wei Liew's bday today!!!!!And we are having barbeque and drinks by the pool...woohoo!!!!....finally, I am putting my jacuzzi to good use *hehehehe, as if the jacuzzi is mine and mine alone.....*
  • It's Friday, and it's the last working day of the week ;P
  • It get's one day closer to my long awaited Italy trip.....though it was rescheduled to 3 days later than expected, its no big deal.I am still flying a whopping business class seat to the city of love, and its 100% leisure, zero percent work!!!
  • Arif's business partner, Ryn, just invited us to a 4 day 3 night holiday in Bali next which my cik abang tunang seems keen to go. Wow...second free trip of the year???I am crossing my fingers...hehehehe....tak jadi pergi Hong Kong (coz of my photo shoot in December, long story for next time) and now he's replacing it with a Bali trip??? Haruslah aku gigih kuruskan badan....I want to fit in a size 8 bikini!!!! Realistic ka? zombie day ain't so somber. Though I look dead upfront, I am very much alive inside...

3 hours or so till the end of the day...can't wait....

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