Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Gambar Cuti Part IV - Parti di Hard Rock Cafe

A post long due...hahahha, dah seminggu berkulat kat draft baru nak publish. Hehehehe. Busy la lately, plus with my laptop sakit-sakit lagi ala-ala tenat macam tu macam susah la pulak nak update gambar banyak-banyak ni.

These pics are from last's week's escapade at Hard Rock Cafe to celebrate Arif's bestie's bday (yeah....dia pun ada stock kawan-kawan since high school dulu. Hahahaha...macam jenis yang dicencang takkan putus..hahahaha!)

*Yeah, aku bunyi seperti sudah sihat coz I do feel slightly better. Yesterday was bad. I slept the whole day, eat pizza (though advice against it for buka puasa) and watch season one of "Dead Like Me" till the end of CD 4. Gila keji. Ingat nak kerja, tapi my head was bursting with it's on Linking Park I end up being a couch potato instead...*

Back to the main point....

Arif and I were early, and we had dinner there sebab I berdegil nak makan "Rock Chop".

Thats my cik abang tunang busy with his handphone. Sigh. Tengah nak makan pun nak kerja lagi???
My ice lemon tea's...I LIKE!!! Gambar Rock Chop takde...sebab I was so eager to eat by the time I realise that I should snap a pic the food was gone!

The next pic is the pic of the birthday boy / guy...

*Agak kelakar la pulak nak panggil bday boy...sebab dia ni dah jadi bapak orang kan??

That his wife with him...jangan salah faham ok...

Obviously dah tangkap gambar orang kena la I pun tangkap gambar sendiri....

Enough said.

Actually I still feel slightly lethargic, so angin malas-malas tu ada. So u guys just scroll for the rest of the pics okay!!!

Have a good weekend!!!Jangan tak puasa pulak! heheheheh!

*I think I should cook this weekend...or bake something to past time...but then oven masih tak dapat, camne ni????*


chicsinred said...

eh, isn't that naddea?

Zuraida said...

dear chics,
yeah its nadia @ naddea...hahaha...either way pronounced the same aite?

u know her??