Monday, September 29, 2008

Haahahha....can't make up your mind???

This is a story about my ex's girlfriend who recently tried to befriend me when she had so-call "break-up" with my ex.

If you need a refresher click here.

My girlfriends ask me "why the heck that I ever layan this girl" and so I say "it's fun...hahahaha" we have been exchanging emails, mostly me answering her questions on why my past relationship with my psycho ex hadn't work out.

Besides, she seems confident enough about leaving him that I feel like she's ready to face whatever shit coming her way.

Tapi rupanya tak. Perempuan memang ternyata insan yang lemah dengan pujuk rayu lelaki (whatever!). I bet she have decided to make good with what she has and crawl back to him, so she sent this...

*I think its fun to share....a lot of my friends gelak je bila I tunjuk this email...*

By virtue ala2 that I we won't get lost in amidst conversation....while her letter will be in purple italics...let's reply her...

xxx sent you a message.
Re: added to FB

u ni mcm i x bg kawin dgn dia je...hahahah....
actly he's ok skang..dah start solat..tu pun i yg slalu ingatkan..
x pernah hilang2 n off hp,dia pegi mana mesti bwk i..n i like his passion over iminto cars too...patut i jd engineer in automative..but addmath i kantoi..haha

*Alhamdullilah...dah jadi insan yang yang lebih baik. Its good that he changes because of you.And its good too that u nak kawin dengan dia. Mana ada I tak bagi u kawin dengan dia? I moved on, I hoped he moved on (as in my last letter)*

klu dulu 1st2-3month he hold grudges over u.slalu ckp psl u,masih sakit hati kt u..x puas hati n all sort of things masa tu i pn tgh broken hearten..i putus skang dia dh x ckp ape2 lg.

*U sure dia dah tak hold grudges against me?? I dont think so, kalau ye tak de, last 2 months he wont trash Era's album at every picture I was present. Go figure*

The next para is deleted due to sensitivity reasons - she will thank me big time coz I did.

frankly speaking...i faham u marah dgn apa yg dia dah buat kt u dulu...dia pun ada bgtau..all d scandals..dia hilang hp u shudnt say such like "malang la whoever yg kawin dgn dia"

Tuhan jadikan kita berpasangan..n everybody deserve some1 better..u hv some1 better than him-uve got arif..n faisal deserve some1 better than u-he got me.
well, nk ckp psl dia mmg byk perangai teruk dia...n i pecaya i sorang je boleh handle dia...all his exes cant,sbb tu u all jd ex..

*Hahahaha, babe...I am way past angry with him ok. If I am holding grudges, I will give him a hell lot of trouble, especially when he still owes me money (until now...yeap...gheti pinjam tak gheti bayar). Sebab I dah let go of my past I tak kacau hidup dia.

Elok la kalau u rasa you are the only one who can handle him..heheheh...cross your fingers and hope for the best*

lets hope everything will b fine okay?
so we cool heh?


To come to think of it I don't know why I ever even bothered to email her back. The way she put it as if I saje nak apikan the break-up, whatever la. I should have listen to my girlfriends......

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