Saturday, September 13, 2008

Leganya its Saturday

Finally,i get to sleep in a bit.

It has been a hectic week.Job macam cibai toksah cerita la,aku mati akal dibuatnya.Plus,I am not feeling that well lately,so everyday macam crappy je.

So eventhough I still have to work today,I decided I should get a few extra hours of zzz's and only attempt my report after buka puasa later.Besides,dah janji ngan arif nak pergi jumpa che wan the tailor at noon,and meet my blogger babes later at bangsar for buka puasa.

Hmmm... it will be fun.

Kalau tak banyak benda petang ni boleh join Liza shopping kat Bangsar.Hmm,tempting.Tapi macam takut tebelanja banyak la pulak.Hahahah.Tahu je la aku ni kalau shopping mula la lupa diri.


Mommy dah call berkali kali suruh balik.They are celebrating my brother's bday.Bukannya apa,if I go home,jangan harapla aku boleh habiskan the write-up,then my bos expects me to email my bits by midnight.


Apa?Macam takde life?

It doesn't happen everyday ok.Its just one of those busy days,I suppose.Hopefully it will end by the end of next week.So 7 more days to go,better hold on there.

Ok,I better shower now.Arif will be on his way to pick me up soon,and I better not be late sebab lately dia macam cranky je.

Kan best kalau weekend 7 hari and kerja 2 hari je.hehehhe.

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