Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Penat tak hengat...

Its almost 4pm,and there is nothing to be eager about since I won't be leaving office any time soon. Yesterday I left at 7pm, and breakfast kurma and water in the car.

Farking phatetic!

But what to do.So much work,so little time.By the time I get home and had proper food,I was so tired I dozed off on the couch.Till 8am today.


But before all that I went out with Arif to Kg Baru,and on top of the normal meal to fill in my empty stomachwe had bubur pulut durian.

Hmmm.Yummylicious.I wish I can have more.


Those are the only fond thoughts I have in my head at the moment.Part of me is halfway across the globe and it doesn't make me feel that good.


Hopefully time passes asap.I don't want to be here.I need my rest at home.

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