Sunday, September 7, 2008


I am still having problems uploading pics. Sigh. No fun at all. Benci seh. What's a girl to do??

We are already at the end of the first week of Ramadhan, one week down, three weeks to go. I jump on the weighing scale to check how am I doing...hmmm....unmoved....damn it, that must be the after effect of constant pigging out since Wednesday and slacking on my yoga classes. Sigh. And I am starting to feel heavy. Damn it.

I bet that's my daily bubur craze showing off immediate warning signs...


I usually lose 5 kg's during the fasting month (which I gain immediately when Raya comes, but that's beside the point!) and I hope it'll be the same this year like any other years. But I bet it won't happen if I keep on my daily bubur manis craze.


*apa la aku ni, bulan baik ni pun aku self-obsessed about weight???*

This year (unlike past years), I didn't aim for anything during the month. I usually have goals for myself so that I will stick to fasting, but this year, I just go by the flow. And the days seems so cooling with the rain pouring every night. I like. Though it makes me feel heavy in the morning to go to work but I save on electricity. Hehehehehe. So everything is good.

*yeah, I am definitely ditching my fever and feeling much better now. Hopefully I will stay this way for the rest of the week*

Tomorrow's Monday. I hate mondays. But what the heck.It comes anyway.

So let's have a good night sleep everyone so we can all get ready for tomorrow. Ciao peeps!

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