Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Saturday I Spent the Whole Day at Home

I am seriously not feeling well....

I have been spending the whole day sleeping (again!), and watching the second season of "Dead Like Me", which I am growing to love. hahahaha. I think I should get all three season of Ghost Whisperer's as well while I am at it, I can have a complete gloomy (but happy) weekend.

*huge grin*

The thing about me is that I love ghostly drama's (that's why I am an avid fan of Ghost Whisperer, and Kau Ku Seru....every thursday @ TV3) and I love the occasional chill this kind of drama's give me...

*ok, enough rambling*

I wanted to post pics of my new bag wardrobe (yeap, they are perfectly installed and now all my bags are resting in peace in it), but then I can't seem to succesfully upload them. Asyik fail je. So instead, I am going to do Farah's tag....

1. What were you doing 5 years ago?

Hmmmm...let's see....5 years ago I would be stuck in a 9am to 12am job (literally) and going out with a loser boyfriend (hmm, then I have fond thoughts of him). In fact, if I can ever rewind to exact 3 years ago, I would stop myself from going out one fateful night that led me to meeting my loser ex. Hmmm...

But then 5 years ago I was (very) happy, all and about town, with everything seems like on top of the world. I go out every other day till very very late (after my 12am shift ends) and get to meet a lot of great peeps along the way, so life ain't that bad.

Nowadays life is more intent, and I spend a lot more time with my close friends and family as compared to back then.

Apart from the loser ex, everything feels good...

2. What are the 5 things on your to do list today??

ok....if you're asking what I wanted to do was....
a) Wake up early and had sahur - I ended up sleeping till late and missed sahur, so I trashed yesterday southwestern eggroll.
b) Go for 11 am yoga - yeah, depsite fasting I still yoga. But I go to basic classes, so I won't be drained. But then I slept till late and missed my sahur, so I sent yoga a raincheck.
c) Do my laundry - that, I am getting at really soon. At least I will get one thing done.
d) Go watch Babylon A.D - which didn't happen either since Arif had to work.

*yeah, my fiannce is turning into a working junkie...sigh*

e) Go for my blackhead extraction @ MTM - in which I cancelled, coz I was not feeling good, and on your not feel good day, obviously you won't want your face poked don't you??

I end up acouch potato (again!) and I wish I had used make up coz I feel so unpretty when I look at my buka puasa photos...

After this I am getting a bath...

3. What are the 5 snacks you enjoy...
- Vanilla ice cream
- Chacos in Spicy Curry
- Cakes and pastries - the big disaster that I seem to not get over with..
- can't really think of the other two.

4. What are 5 jobs that you've had?
- Research assistant at Uni
- Auditor
- the current job does not count right coz I still have them??? That leaves only two.

5. 5 people I want to tag....
I want to tag everyone!!!! That should be more than 5....kan?? So move your ass lazy bum..

*And when ur done buzz me ok coz I wanna read them!*

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