Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Weekend that Practically Drives me to the Wall

I have no idea what to say. The weekend hasn't been very good to me. Maybe its because I am not feeling so good, that in amidst all the hecticness its starting to get to me.
Its starts on my drive back from buka puasa with the blogger babes yesterday, when I got a text from my boss. That's when the first "fuck it I'm doom damn it" came popping up, then when I do finally get hold of my laptop, it tooks two hours to email a farking email, in which at the end, I still fail to send. At midnight, I gave up.
That's when the " screw you" came up.
I had a sleepless night, with the nightmares and the irritating qualms.Sigh.Just to wake up to another mail asking me to for the email I fail to send the night before.
That's when I start shouting...
Yeah, at 10 in the morning.
Jeez, If I can just turn back time and tell myself that there's nothing to fret about I would, but within an hour I almost had a nervous breakdown when unfortunately the lift in my building ain't working, and I need to rush to office just to get a proper internet connection.
I am soooo having a nervous breakdown.

Believe me I scream like a mad woman and took the staircase down just to find out that the staircase stops at first floor and there is no way down apart from the lifts. My car is at LG2.

*I think kalau kondo aku terbakar aku akan hangus di situ. Maybe I should complain to the fire department.Takkan time kebakaran nak pakai lift kot??*
Nasib baik at 1st floor tiba-tiba lift tu terbukak, and I manage to go to the parking lot. Kalau tak ada orang nak kena bunuh pagi-pagi buta ni.

The office was empty, ye la, what do you expect, its a Sunday. So I quickly sent the email and get out. Besides, it gives me the creeps to be in an empty office. Dah la panas, sebab central airconditioning off. Reminds me of my audit days. Yang dah sudah tu sudah la. I wish not to go back to the days when I was a workaholic and people around me seem to start forgetting my existance again.

Just to come back to find out that my crappy parking neighbour is taking almost half of my parking space, leaving me with not much space to park.

Damn it, can the day be any bad!

Coz seriously, macam c*b** je tau, parking tak berhemat. Kalau tak tau parking tu tok sah drive la. So aku dengan dengkinya park rapat-rapat dekat kereta dia, pastu tangkap gambar banyak2 sebab in case she scratched my car, I am filing a stupid police report.

Dalam hati nak je aku vandalisekan kereta dia, tapi nanti terover pulak since I was in a pretty bad mood the whole day. Nanti tak pasal2 aku dapat restraining order. hahahaha.

Nasib baik la when I left for the salon at 5pm just now the bitch was gone. How she ever got into her car tu I hope she regret parking that way, coz I made sure that at her very thin (planky) like size she can NEVER squeeze in between the small tiny space between my car and her's , coz its damn less than a foot width.
I hope she screw herself in hell.
As I am having my hair blow dried (now), I noticed that I left my purse at home.
Yeap, this day can get pretty bad.
Nasib baik I already paid for the course treatment. Kalau tak hari ni ada yang jadi temporary shampoo girl.

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dazzledalie said...

muprphy's law, when things can go wrong it will go wrong. smthg like that aku pun tak hengat.anyway, toughen up. just another day k babe? :)