Friday, October 31, 2008

The Day I Came Back to Office to Sign Off My Review Form

Its the time of the year when you have to submit your appraisals so that your boss has more the reason to hear you shout over your pay and remuneration (yeah, on the constant whining of how underpaid/ overworked/ undercompensated/ not very much appreciated) and since I can't access the appraisal form offsite, I have to rush back to office to get it done.

As I step into the office I was welcomed by the darkness. OMG....I felt like a sore loser. When everyone had happily retired for the weekend, here I am burning the midnight oil (so to speak. not that they allow any kind of burning in the office).

And being me (who is alway gloriously on time in the mornings), obviously I don't know where the office light switch are.

So I had to call the department secretary and brave my way through the darkness.


Deep inside I felt....hmmm...a bit down. It had been a so and so day, and it had kicked off pretty bad with the minor slander from an asshole from Indirect Tax....(huh!u ingat u bagus sangat???mentang2 bos you tak de nak berlagak datang lambat....i can be anywhere I want konon...8.30am you should be in office you dumb ass!) and the never ending shit that my client threw at me all day (huarghh!!!!rasa nak meletop ada. But then, sabar....) and being in office so late when everybody had (obviously) left (early sebab boss takde) is a tad sad.

None of it is ever appreciated anyway (I mean, even when you work late it won't net off the other slacks that you have done anyway)....nothing matters at the end.

In which that is why when it comes year end, no matter how bad the economy is and all the blah blahs about how things are slow and what not, they still find a way to put the blame on you.

On why you are underutilised....despite being jobless (sebab unassigned).

On why not enough effort is shown...despite the fact that effort can only be shown if you are assigned to something...

*ye lah...takkan aku nak keluar cari client kot?I am not at that level yet*

This is in fact a constant whining of the appraisee.

I bet the appraiser had a hard time trying to talk to the appraisee as well (on top of trying their best to sugarcoat the fact that they want to say something negative in a positive way, on trying their best to understand their appraisee and hope to get the message across so as to be able to motivate them in the future). I bet its a tough job.

At the end both parties hate it....but still had to do it anyway.

*Its ok boss. I cool down easily. I don't hold grudges against u guys.I know you are trying your best as well. Let's hope we can do better in the future*


Yeah...I am trying to play nice.

In 4 weeks time we will put all this behind us and start enjoying the holidays. The holidays, the annual dinneer, the year end parties....yippee...I love December. The fact that tomorrow is the first start of November makes me dream of good thoughts. from now on happy thoughts ok...happy thoughts....

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The day they want to ban Yoga???

My favourite form of exercise will be banned???

Am I imagining stuff or this is happening for real??

Whoever is into banning this clearly never did their research well. In fact, I believe that it must be rooted from a form of biased assumption that our faith in the religion can be deterred merely through thin air....without any supporting facts over the pros and cons of the practice.

I had been to yoga classes for a few years now. Though not too disciplined, it had became an exercise that I had grown to love. Simply because it brought the better person in me. It gives me a sense of focus in what I do. I have many other reasons in loving it, and I sure wish that I am more avid over it.

And I surely agree over the points highlighted by our dearly beloved Miss Yoga Instructor here.

Enough said.

I hope whoever is looking into this will look at the positive aspects of yoga, than blindly labelling it as it did now.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Delightful Light Lunch

Today is the start of a blissfull next few days till the the bosses scoot to a weekend getaway for a conference. *huge grin*.I step in the office all energetic and hopeful, 100% sure that there won't be any bugging bosses or clients around.


If only life is that nice.

But then reality checks in and I still have a truckload of things to do. Life goes on as usual.

But today had been the better of those days compared to the last few weeks. I finally get to sit on my desk and work on my things and sort things out.

I brought lunch today (yeay!finally. No more lunch outs!Back on diet!) and it was John West's Light Tuna in Garden Pasta.It's a packed low calorie food I found in Cold Storage a few weeks back, and had intended to try for ages since a pack only carries around 190 kCal. To my amazement it taste delicious, and I am full!Hahahaah!On top of that I should have brought salad, it would be nice to have them together as the taste is pretty rich...

I am definitely going to get more of those, eventhough a can cost RM15. It will be handy on those once a wekk lazy days when I just don't want to bother to cook or dishing things up in my kitchen.

Tomorrow, I am packing fruit salad. So I have to pay a visit to the grocery later to get my stuff.

Was online with Tina and Liza this morning and we were buzzing about weddings. Then my mom called, and we talked more about weddings. I am getting hyped up now. Hahahaha. And all excited. There are so many things to do, thank God that I am only planning for a simple and small closed wedding ceremony and reception....kalau tak mesti lagi pening kan??


I hope I can leave early today coz I packedmy gym bags and brought along my yoga mat. Sangat bersemangat nak pergi gym hari ni, mostly because of the ok body results last night....which shows that despite my bingeing activities over the past 2 months (and the fact that I barely touch my HL stock), I only gained a bit and 70% of it had been lost last week. The rest of the other stats (like water %, body fat% etc) is improving gloriously, so all should be good.

If I am serious this time round it might just work again. Crossing my fingers and let's get busy.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday Blues...and I got my Electronic weighing scale!

People...everyone is still on a holiday mood!!!!

Not that I am on holiday mood.My working drive is on an excellerated mode since I have been working around the clock like a moron the whole frigging last week (hahahaha!exaggeration!still, I do work late!) and last weekend I was still thinking about work while having my bread and butter pudding at Delicious.

*alamak...aku dah nak ter"turn-on"kan balik my workaholic mode yang telah lama di"off"kan ke?*

Anyhow, nothing much can be done at my side since the people I need to see are on holiday themselves. Boohoo.Pity me. Bersemangat nak kerja tapi tak boleh buat apa-apa. Sigh....

But no avail. I still manage to clear up some stuff and I am happy that I can at least do something. Apart from that I am taking things one step at a time, and hopefully when these people do come back tomorrow (or the day after...hehehe...berangan la nak cuti lama-lama), they will be kind enough to entertain my wimp.

*kan best kalau aku pun on holiday??sigh.....*

Ahh...yes people! I GOT MY ELECTRONIC WEIGHING SCALE!!!! Sekarang ni tak payah la aku bersusah payah nak jumpa coach yang most of the time located kat tempat tempat yang aku pun tak tau kat mana....and tak payah jugak la aku segan kat abang2 kat gym tu bila nak suruh diorang tolong timbangkan my body fat analysis.

*yeah..hehehe..sangat segan ok bila the cuties actually did the body analysis for me...kalau badan hot macam Jessica Alba tak pe la jugak*

Now I can do my body analysis myself. Hooray!!!

Can't wait to go home so I can goof around with it. Hahahaha. Macam jakun je. But what the heck. I wanna know....I wanna I can monitor myself closely on a daily basis and cepat2 remind myself of my shortcomings.

Not that I don't use to remind myself in the past. But after spending a sum for the electronic scanner, kena lebih gigihkan, so that balik modal....


Alamak, crisis sudah bermula. Aku mula nak naik darah ni.

Monday, October 27, 2008

All is Good

Things had been pretty good since late yesterday...

Arif and I went to the movies last night after almost a month away from it due to work commitments...and there we stood at the counter and the earliest show was tropic thunder.

I have to give that movie a thumbs up.It shocked me and I have to say that I love watching Tom Cruise dance like a hmhmhm. Hahahaha.I had fun,i left the cinema with high spirits.

Today is like a bonus to me.I keep on forgetting that it's deepavali,coz Tesco was so crowded so early in the morning that it felt like any other ordinary day.Sigh.When you thought that you can beat the crowd if you go out early...sigh..was definitely mistaken by the notion.

I grabbed a few mags on the way home earlier today,including the new copy of Ratu Sehari which I was salivating all over the whole afternoon coz I found it, my pelamin,yoohoo.I am aiming for something simple and sweet and all this while the feature pelamin in mags were all so grandish,i sometimes get confused but the one i saw today was perfect...simple,sweet.Not messy and too elaborate.Fresh.


My mom will cry tears on my wedding day.


Enough said.

And since I am all hyped up again about the wedding that will be on in about less than 5 months (damn it,how time flies!),i started getting nervous again about my weight.(people...vain alert!).I spent an overtime at gym after missing my yoga classes and skipping diet since raya (and gaining a belly,shame on me!)..but all is good.My HL diet seems to start showing signals of good faith again when arif commented 'yang,perut u dah nampak susut la' and had shed effectively 4 pounds last week (that's almost 2kg) which is a relief.If I shed another 4 pounds by next monday i will be farking excited.

Which is why I am going to get my OWN electronic scale tomorrow.


See,i told u I am in a good mood.

Ok,criminal minds is on.I am signing off for the night.Cya all tomorrow.Mwahhs!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Destressed-tapi dah totally tak de mood

This weekend is a bad one - despite to suppose to be the one with loads of fun,circumstances had spun it 360 degrees the other way round.

I can blame work on most of it.

I manage to get some 'me' time today.Since my shitty work can't proceed much,i get to take the next two days off in peace.So i rescheduled my facial appointment,which i have cancelled twice and had my hair done at the salon.

By the time i walk out i felt like a million bucks.Stress seems to melt away slowly.My zits seems to be more invisible now.

So I was looking forward for the dinner night out.

Till everybody cancelled except me.


So here I am,indulging on my bread and butter pudding to mend my wound.

*farah,don't expect pics from me tonight.I am residing early,and since nobody showed up.who else to take pic with but me,me and me?*


Its okay. There is still one more day of holiday.I bet I can cheer myself up.

Friday, October 24, 2008

When I Started Seeing Stars....

Hari ni busy, busy, busy....

*Nothing new. Since the past few days pun memang macam tu.....sigh....*

Its almost 10pm now, and guess what, I am still at office. I break all time record today by having only one HL shake, 5 spoons of mihun, 2 kuih and 2 pack of nuts.

Kalau ikut track record on my food consumption....that's very very little. But I drank like a camel though...

Workload is miserable.

*ok, not going to talk about it*

Sigh. Hopefully I can wrap this up and go back home soon. I nak tido!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dah mula start hilang selera...

*Two people that I am currently missing....Raf, bila ko mau balik dari Singapore ni????*

It has been a stressfull day.

It started with a massive traffic jam at NKVE highway due to some accident somewhere at the Subang exit. The traffic was horrible, it was almost at a standstill.

Because of it....I was late.

Then there's the stress over work. Sigh. Lembap tak hengat masya-allah. Tuhan saja yang tau.

I am now at the extremes and instead of eating for comfort, I totally lost my appetite to a point that I bark back to my collegues...

"Jangan paksa aku makan boleh tak??"

I felt horrible.

Its suppose to be a good thing because I am suppose to be watching my weight. But somehow it does not feel right.

Takpe la, I have a pack of twiggies in case of emergency. Hopefully that should sustain me.

At the moment, I am really praying very hard that this phase shall pass very very soon. Tak nak la kerja weekend....

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Perasankah aku?

I have finally settled at home(thank god!).It had been a long weekday since I started my new assignment last week,spending more than 12 hours at work.

In fact,I left office at 9pm today.After being stuck at the pantry for almost half an hour,I have to go on extra crunch mode to settle my stuff.


Shit happens when you can bring nothing home to work on. Macam ambik exam.Habis masa that's it,you're done,but till then you have to give more than your 100%.Sigh.Expectations run high.

Enough mopping about work.

So since I have been spending more time in the office lately,I spend less time taking care of me.My house is a mess,laundry turning into another mount everest,sheets screaming for a change.Since I got better chores seems to be piling up,and its stressing me.

And pimples are popping like popcorn on my forehead. Bencinya!!

At this point of time,I have to admit that my confidence is at its all time low.

Seems impossible for such a positive me ain't it?

Well,this is one of those days I feel fat,ugly and underappreciated.


But then I try to smile.No point pissing everybody off because you lack self confidence kan,so I try to play nice.

Aku senyum kat akak kat pantry tadi.

I smile to the guards that man the office building.

I smile to the people I met at the cafeteria.

Up to a point that strangers smile back and thought they know me.Hahahahha!

Which bring to a recent incident,where two guys try to pick me up at a kopitiam just out of the blue.

Man,sudah lama orang tak try nak pikat aku.Aku mula terbang ke awan biru!heheheh!

Suddenly I have the feeling that though I make myself unavailable to others (and that I have issues with myself),I am indeed (still) a (very) attractive person.


Or adakah aku perasan,and that guy is just trying to be friendly coz I smile too much?

Hehehehhe.I suppose we never know.

*huge grin smacked in the face*

The day I am stuck in a pantry

Inilah akibatnya pergi lunch on a rush and balik time orang lunch.Dah la takde access card,so here I am,stuck in a pantry waiting for people to come back and open the door.

I have been standing here for approximately half an hour dy.Sigh.Nasib baik boleh bloghopping thru my handphone,kalau tak mati katak la berdiri macam model kat depan pintu tu.


Next time mintak access card.Itu dia,someone is coming.Got to go!

Monday, October 20, 2008

When He Cheats...

Feature article in Yahoo today is about cheating man, and though I had been through with my share of cheating men, I always wonder what looms around their head while they are doing it and after things are done.

Will they just chunk me at the back of some old closet and move on??

Do they ever feel guilty?

Will I feel the same way if I had ever cheated??

I found out the reasons they brought up quite.....hmmm....fascinating....

Note : statistics is obtained from the article.....if you want to learn more click the link above.

48% of men rated emotional dissatisfaction as the primary reason they cheated.
When it comes to us ladies, when we are not satisfied, it shows. We normally bring it up, talk it over, find some other means to fix it....but men cheats?But it does makes sense that when a man is unhappy with something, they seek the same thing elsewhere. Its classic cheating excuse....sigh....

66% of cheating men report feeling guilt during the affair
Hahahahah.That is good to know...that eventhough they cheat, it's eating them up inside. Sometimes we may give up hope that they're just such jerks with no emotions and feeling but I suppose there is a line somewhere there where they could actually feel something....

77% of cheating men have a good friend who cheated
This I know pretty well . In fact, the ex who cheated me has 4 best friend, in which 3 out of 4 cheated their then girlfriend/wife.

40% of cheating men met the other woman at work
Hmmm...I suppose that is pretty understandable. Most of us spend more than 50% of our waking lives in an office, and even after, we spend more time with our collegues after work to socialise. It's just a matter of time that one of us will be charmed with certain kind of attention/affection/admiration etc that we lack from our partners...

Only 12% of cheating men said their mistress was more physically attractive than their wife
This fact stunned me. Almost more than 50% of men I knew who cheated cheats their partner with someone else way unattractive....which is surprising because we alway thought its the physical attraction that makes men cheat most of the time. Not that I am being biased by saying that the so-called mistress is an ugly slut, its just a fact from my observation that in most cases, their partner IS actually more attractive than their mistress.

Maybe be hitching with someone less attractive they will be less demanding...or is it just the less attractive ones are the ones left to scurry over someone else's hubby????

Only 6% of cheating men had physical intimacy with a woman after meeting her that same day or night.
The articles say that the cheating only happens when they have gone past the knowing each other stage...and that we ladies can actually detect the changes in our men that signals potential cheating...

And that we usually queried...and they will brush it off because to them its not cheating (yet) if none of them had gone intimate.

*yeah, by the time they are intimate it will be too late!*

And when we found out that they have cheated what should we do???

Hmmm...I suppose there is no absolute answer to that question. We can only make best of the position we are in, look into our options and go on with our best available choice and hope for the best.

I believe that women shouldn't succumb to male oppression, and we too have the right to do what's best for our future. We don't need to turn a blind eye and hope everything will go if we don't want to....and we can also make decisions to seek remedy if we want to.

Still, in anything, I believe that it is best that we consider all options thoroughly, and not make rash decisions. Make sure we have a gameplan.

Or we can cheat back.

*wink win*

But if both of us cheats, when will it end?

Updates, updates!!!!

1. Might have a potential virus scare (again!!!)
Damn it!Tiap-tiap kalai on job mesti kena benda ni, so since I have cleaned up my external drives last few no plugging in anything in the laptop till I get this thing cleaned (again...sigh...what to do...)....

2. We had a blast last Friday!!!
Walaupun terpaksa berkejaran ke hulu ke hilir after work just to make Komala's Bday party happen, thank God, everything went well....

We had a blast and we were at RedBox @ Curve till 4 am in the morning. There was a huge crowd, and we had sooooo much fun!!!

Too bad no photos can be displayed since I can't plug in my camera to my laptop.


3. I spent the weekend on a high!!!
Yeah, I sound like a junkie. Hahahaha. After partying all night on Friday, I started feeling really really bad, so I after having my hair done at Peek-A-Boo on Saturday, I locked myself at home till late Sunday everning, only rising to shower, use the loo, eat and down my cough medicine....

Which I took way to many, and instantly knocked me out to slumberland....

Today I am feeling much much better.

4. Feeling guilty that I skipped gym for 2 weeks now.
I didn't go to gym since I fell sick 2 wednesday ago....damn it, now that I am feeling much better I still can't go because I have to work till 9pm.

What kind of work had I just signed myself into???

Don't ask!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Its Friday people...yuhoo!!!

I drove to work today. It is one of those rare days where I drive to my client's office because normally I would carpool and make others pick me up. Not that I don't like driving (and claiming mileage) but we usually have this limited number of cars that is allowed to claim mileage and it's so ma-fan if suddenly you are not one of it...

*And since petrol price had pain-stalkingly rise thanks to our ehem ehem, I decided that carpooling is better than killing yourself over fuel*

The drive to office is quite devastating. Since this is my morning drive more than 5km radius away in months, I somehow forgot how painful morning traffic could be....


I tell you, I cursed so many times today I used up all the curse words in my dictionary (across 4 different languages - Malay, Chinese, English and Tagalog) that I know off within the first 15 minutes.

Damn it....morning drive is stressful.

Tapi takpe! Itu semua tolak tepi! Sebab hari ni Friday!!!!!

My morning has been busy. There are a lot work to complete as soon as I turned on my laptop and I have been busy as a bee all morning. Sigh. Hopefully I can wrap up everything early because we have free department dinner tonight!!!Tak syiok la kalau miss kan??

Plus later we will be having Komala's birthday party at RedBox. Party people had grew from5 to 15...wahh...ramai betul si kawan2 baik komala ni yang sebut je pasal birthday party dia semua murah hati nak join. hahahaha. The more the merrier kan?

*nasib baik my cough had gone from bad to tolerable today, so boleh berparty!!!*


I bet it'll be fun. U guys have fun too ok!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Feeling much better

I did the unthinkable last night...I forced everything out....I binged it!!!

But then, after a whole night's rest, I somehow felt much better today. I cough much less, which is a relief because all the coughing is really really painful. So to all the concerned folks out there....thanks to all yourt prayers I am feeling lightyears thanks!!!

I am currently on site working on a client, so my updates will be pretty rare.

*Don't be sad...hehehe....if I am free you would be able to see me around anyway*

The dateline is expected to be tight (uhuh!) and so, expect me to ramble my stress out some time next week. hahahaa. Aku kan insan yang sangat fragile. Mesti ada outlet untuk melepaskan tensi, and my blog is one of it.

This weekend will be anothe buzzing weekend. Have several appointments along overdue around town (sob sob....sebab tu my tresses and my nails are not at its top notch form!So this week, tak boleh miss, unless I want to look like a hag) and of course, more open houses.

But I can't seem to take my mind of 25th October!!

Hahahahah....sangat excited. yuhooo!!!

*Me still not telling what's happening on the 25th, so if you guys are keen on knowing, hold on your horses and wait till then*

Tomorrow night will be party night, as me and my collegues will be celebrating our quarterly FAS do and Komala's bday!Hopefuly my voice is on good shape by then, kalau tak macam mana nak menyanyi??


Ok, hopefully u guys will have a buzzing few days till the weekend.Anything just holler ok!!! Mwahhs!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Short afternoon break...

One joy that fails me today is taste. Since I have both flu and cough, everything I eat seems practically tasteless. I can feel every single particle that passed through my throat on the way to my stomach but I can taste very few.....


So I skipped lunch and head home to catch a nap instead. Nasib baik umah dekat. Kalau jauh berjela-jela ntah aku nak tido kat mana aku pun tak tau la.

The funny thing is, as soon as my head touches my pillow I went to total blackout.


I woke up to the sound of my handphone alarm buzzing at 2pm. Sheesh. Mengganggu je.Tengah sedap-sedap tido ni ada aje....but then thank god, kalau tertido terus till 5pm mau penat aku menjawab nanti kat Bos-Depan-Meja tu aka Guru Disiplin Department. Sigh. So with a a heavy heart I splash water over my face. perk up and head back to office.

Tak pe la, it aint going to be that much longer till the end of the day. lepas ni balik terus sambung balik tido...

It was excruciating....

Last night was excruciatingly painful. First, I started coughing badly. So I went to the pharmacy and got myself a cough medicine to treat my dry and slightly phleghmy cough.

By 9pm I was coughing my ass out like an old hag.Uargh, I HATE DRY COUGH. Its farking painfull. I stood motionless in front of my tv and try to concentrate on 'Burn Notice' and 'Criminal Minds' instead to get the edgy feeling off, but to no avail.

At 1am, I woke up to vomit.

Its not fun. Its extremely painful. It felt like a Fear Factor episode where you have to stuck a pole into your throat,and since the pole has torns, it grazes your throat on its way out.

*ada ke Fear Factor episode macam tu???exaggeration, exaggeration...*

I didn't lift my head off the toilet seat till one hour later. I can see my phleghm floating in a puddle.


And my throat felt dry like grade D sand paper all night.

I can't recall how many times I woke up last night to drink water. What I do know is that my 5 litre mineral water bottle (that I just pop open before I go to bed last night) is now only half full.

More liquids. Hopefully this too shall pass.

Monday, October 13, 2008

What a Boring Day...

The day had been pretty slow....and thanks to my coughing and sneezing, there's seems to be a bit of activity here and there. Otherwise, everything seems to be dull and lifeless.

Can't blame the rest of the clan. Everyone seems to be somewhat busy with something, so everybody sort of mind their own business. I myself had errands to clear, though nothing much. But still, I can't help bust feel the boredome looming around.

Thank God that it's going to be 5.30pm soon and I can practically clear every inch of my desk space and say my goodbye's for the day. Sigh. What kind of job am I in anyway??

*Hahahaha,this is when I am suppose to bitch non-stop. But I decided that there is no point in doing so, and my frustrations are best kept to myself. So yo guys won't here me bitch a soul*

My fiance s taking me out for a shopping spree. Such odd timing. I don't feel like buying anything now, there's this depressing feeling that sort of anti-climax my shopping urge since last week, but the what the heck. Since he is paying, maybe I should just get along with it. Maybe I will grab a few books at Borders (since all my Jodi Picoult has been read, and I don't feel like reading any of my un-read chic lits that has been piling up since dog years ago) and search for a pair of cute sneakers at adidas. I did have urges to grab one of those yummylicious ballerina sneakers, and maybe that will do me more justice than an eyeliner or a lipstick.

*But I want the Mauve lipstick at Bobbi Brown*


Despite being sick I am still me. hallelujah!I can still rave non-stop over "buying stuff" eventhough I am not in the mood to do so...

I should pack now. Cya all tomorrow peeps!

Mondays....sigh...and bogged down.

Apa da...lately life is at the bottom of the wheel's end and today is no different.

I was rushed to the "Bos-Depan-Meja"'s room and got a long and dreary pep talk on ..... hmmm, maybe its not best to talk about it in here but nevertheless, a pep-talk. Sigh. Baru bersemangat nak start a new job tomorrow, and today, kena pep talk.

Maybe its my fault. Sigh. But then, salah aku ke?

If I keep on thinking about it, it will be a depressing day. As it is, siapa la ada mood nak kerja on a Monday anyway?

Despite feeling under the weather yesterday, I still went about town visiting friends. I even got my hair done at Peek-A-Boo. I manage to visit two out of five houses I am invited to, and due to the heavy pour of rain at noon, decided to go back home and rest.


Banyaknya benda nak buat. With my assignment starting tomoorow, I better clear them all off.

Got to go peeps!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Its suppose to be a busy day.Its suppose to be a day meeting friends,reminiscing the past,catching up with the present.Nevertheless,i am homebound.

I rise quite late.Nose as heavy as a log,I woke up to vibrating calls from friends on today's plans.I dragged my ass out of my bed,cursed under my breath on how messy my living quarters are and thought that I can pull myself together within an hour and still make it to all the open house i am invited to today despite feeling bogged down by flu.

I thought wrong.

After an hour things got worse.I was sneazing my ass off every 60 seconds and felt like my head is going to burst any moment.

So I took my meds and curled in bed.

And woke up at 9pm,when it's all dark.Gloomy.Silent.

This depress me.I can't stand being sick.


I hope to feel much better in the morning.So better go and take my meds now.

Friday, October 10, 2008

*Gelak Besar* One hour to go to the end of the day....

I smile a huge smile when I saw the time of the day....4.20pm.Hahahaha..another hour or so and I can say my goodbye's for the weekend.

Anyway, it had been a short week. I had a long holiday break and an MC midweek, and now its the end of the week already and tomorrow is Saturday!I can't wait. There are loads of stuff to do (apart from gym and snoozing of course), and a few open houses to go to...

P/s : Riza, if you are reading this...nape tak angkat hp??Alia ajak pi open house umah dia la...

And I have to finish my fourth Jodi Picoult novel, The Pact, that I have started last Monday.

*that's my only saviour on my sleepless nights....sigh*

The Pact is about a teenager who survived a so-called suicide pact, and the dilemma over the incidence since the deceased is not only his girlfriend, but also a dear family friend that have been close for ages. I am halfway through it and I believe its a good read.

Hopefully I can finish it by Sunday. I have a job kicking off next week and I think I will be as busy as a bee from next Tuesday onwards for the next 3 weeks.

*So if out of a sudden I am offline and you guys hears zilch from me, means I am somewhere slaving my brain off for peanut pay*

Anyway, I am wishing everyone to have a good weekend, and do snap pics of the open houses you go to so we can share!Adios amigos. Tatataata!!!

On Insomnia and Nightmares

Lately I have been having difficulty sleeping. Don't ask me why, it has been ages since I have problems sleeping at night. I have tried everything I know to get me to sleep....including the hot milk, the peppermint tea, the mint scrub....everything fails....sigh.

My eyes goes wide shut at 3am daily. Despite me taking flu medication that is suppose to be very very drowsy.


To add to the misery, I have to wake up every morning by 8am. In between 3 am to 8am, I start having ludicrous nightmares like...

...being chased by a man-eating animal, with blood everywhere....

....hand chainsawed to pieces.... condo burnt down and I am lost in a puddle of smoke....

Today....I woke up shouting. I practicaly screamed my lungs out and when I do realise I was screaming, I felt this kinda blur feeling inside me with a huge question mark asking myself why-the-hell-am-I-screaming-now????.

Don't ask me why.I can't remember what it's all about.


Maybe its about time I go to see my doctor. Maybe I should go and seek psychiatric help (alamk, drama la pulak sampai nak jumpa doktor sakit jiwa) because seriously, this maybe signals to more disturbed stuff bottled up inside. if!

Or maybe I have watched too much horror movie lately and its time to stop.

Damn it.

Shopping Crayze...


Was online with Rinie all morning and we were talking about bags....aku kalau dah start cakap pasal bag ni dah tak boleh berhenti dah. Macam gatal tekak je, mesti ada something to say.

And since Rinie was pregnant, I mentioned to her that I bumped into a blogger that shows off a Juicy Couture Baby Bag...yang sangat cun!Hahhaahah! We all apa lagi....cepat2 google Juicy Couture website...and we found it!And under kids...we found the said bag.


Sangat la heavenly. There are a few options online....aku terliur jugak melihatnya eventhough I am not pregnant and expecting a baby. Lebih menggiurkan that each baby bag comes with a changing pad, burp cloth and baby bip....all embossed with hot juicy logos like Enfante de Juicy. Hahahahaha. Gilos. Aku pun nak satu!

*tapi satu cost between RM1k to Rm1.5k. Sigh. Baby bag pun over Rm1k. Harus gigih menabung dari sekarang. Ni baru baby bag, belum stroller lagi...*

We jump from Juicy to Nordstrom where the website housed more brands under one roof (literally speaking) *oh, aku sangat benci online shopping ni but what to do, its a love-hate thing*, then I found this.....

*Coach Madison - Large Optic Sabrina*
OMG...Coach baru. Besar. Comfy. Oh I like....tak pernah aku nampak kat KL ni.
Aku sudah tergoda. And I haven't even browsed the whole website yet.
Damn it!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

More pics....

I bet everyone has been waiting for my Raya update....the pics of course. I have just recently downloaded these since I keep on forgetting to bring my camera to here it goes...

Raya Day pics...

* me and my sis...konon ayu la sebab berselendang bagai. Kalau tak dulu takde pun macam tu*

*My cousion Lan, taking a picture of me taking his picture*

* That's my car parked way downhill...hahahaha...private parking at my granny's*

* Dekat surau with close relatives*

*Ini adalah antara kanak2 yang menerima ang pau dari aku....hahahaaha*

Hanging out with cousin Bailey...

He's back for the weekend! And last Saturday we (that's me, Bailey and his girlfriend Jov) went window shopping at Bangsar (after a nice round of lunch at Madam Kwan's ) and the Pavillion (since he had never been there before).

I took them in my CLK (cute-little-kelisa of course!) since that's the only ride I have.


Dan dan ni la aku nak satu garage penuh kereta...

*that's us goofing around*

Can u see me???? I am the one at the mirrors, frolicking my pink top and pink crocs!

*in blue is Jov, his model girlfriend*

Seriously, me envy with her flawless model won't be displaying her pics here so others can drool over their screen over her...

*Am sooooo green*

*at the Pavilion while waiting for the lovebirds shopping*

I spent a blizzard the week before raya shopping, so here I am settling just at the doorsteps of the shops.

Right after long walks in the Pavillion, my cousin treated me (and his girlfriend of course!) to fish spa...

*little fishies eating up my dead skin cells*

I love the small little's less ticklish as compared to the big ones.

*And what do you seems like my feet is model material.....heheheh*

That guy just snapped me, he didn't even ask my permission.

Before I start Raving about Anything Else...

Introducing, new bag added to my collection recently.....

LV Trevi PM

Damn it, because of this bag before raya aku dah kopak. But then what the heck?Hahahahah....Tak dapat nanti merempan, dah dapat pun complain jugak.


So I saved my Neverfull in the dustbag and carry this now instead wherever I go...


Si cik abang tunang just got something going on. Si cik abang tunang promised me a spree in December when the paycheck kicks in...

*huge grin smacked on the face*

Harus la plan from now on what I wanna get come December.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Hate it When I am Sick on Wednesdays

I can't sleep all night last night.It was excrciating.My body is in pain and tired,my nose blocked all the way slightly above my throat and I was developing a massive sore throat.


Damn it.

I feel like dying.

I didn't get to sleep last night till 4am,it was daunting miserable so when my alarm rang at 7am,I naturally snooze it and when back to bed.

By 9am I got arif to drag me to a clinic.

I hate being sick on a Wednesday.Wednesday is suppose to be a day when you fool around and start to embrace the fact that in 2 days,it will be a weekend.And here I am.Stuck at home,with a bunch of pills prescribed for early signs of fever.

Even after medication I still have trouble sleeping.

Damn it.Do I have a sleeping disorder now?It had been difficult for me to catch my zz'z since the holidays started last week,but i expect normal routine to kick in by now.


If this shit goes on I need to see a doctor.Pronto.I don't want dark circles around my eyes by the 25th.

What's happening on the 25th?Hehehe.Hold on your horses.When the day comes maybe I'll tell ya.

Gonna go back to resting.Can't afford to skip work another day tomorrow.


If I am kick ass rich this would be just a bad hair day.


But again,me normal human being.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Day I added Nuffnang...

I is so yesterday. Everyone I know practically had one....and I am just about to embark on try-outs.


What to do, I am generally not that IT Savvy. Maybe I should learn to be more aware of stuff. People had been earning moolahs with this stuff.


I don't how all this thing work. Seriously, I go bonkers okey. My last attempt at Google Ads failed miserably, after 6 months I removed it due to stress.

I hope this one works.

Owh its already the end of the day. Sigh. What a busy day.

Cya all tomorrow!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Back and hating the weighing scale

I'm finally home!*grin*I love my bed.I love all the familiar faces at mt condo block (though none of us had ever spoken to each other).I love being back.

Hahahah.Ngada.Macam balik tu torture.Padahal was happy then too.

It was such a relieve to be back.


Today I finally weigh myself.Damn it.I am back at square one.Ini pasal kes melantak tak hengat la ni.


So in amidst my vanity,I started exercising today.Sigh.Gilos.Don't know how long I could keep this up but hopefully long enough to get back in shape.

My extra spare tyre from all the lemang and ketupat and what not is starting to depress me,i choke everytime I see food.NOT GOOD.I need to eat to survive. I can't live hating food and feel depressed over it. It makes my life boring.


Stop with the wining.

I have one more day leave tomorroe.Will only be back on Tuesday.Yippee!Don't miss me till then.Hahahaha.

Will update the raya pics when I get back.Tahun ni terasa macam ayu gila berselendang pergi surau.

Oops.Slipped.Nanti tuesday takde benda nak cerita.

Signing off.U guys have a great kick start off the long break ok?Happy working!


Friday, October 3, 2008

Hari ini sudah raya ke-3

I woke up late. I felt bloated. I ate too much.

Enough said.

It sounds like a pig.


Hari Raya had been as usual. We rose the morning of first Syawal, don on our new attires, put ll our differences aside and just had fun. We had nenek's lemang and rendang, we ate Ani's half meshed up chocolate's another day.

We took pics too. But that is for later. I didn't bring my cable along..

Though I will still be on holiday till Monday, I am leaving for KL today so that I won't further screw up my diet (that had gone 360 degrees haywire) and drive myself lazier by the day...

*Plus I need to go and see Bailey...damn I miss him!*


I still have to shower, cook mihun for the guest I am expecting later, pack.....

Will definitely holler everyone when I am back!