Monday, October 27, 2008

All is Good

Things had been pretty good since late yesterday...

Arif and I went to the movies last night after almost a month away from it due to work commitments...and there we stood at the counter and the earliest show was tropic thunder.

I have to give that movie a thumbs up.It shocked me and I have to say that I love watching Tom Cruise dance like a hmhmhm. Hahahaha.I had fun,i left the cinema with high spirits.

Today is like a bonus to me.I keep on forgetting that it's deepavali,coz Tesco was so crowded so early in the morning that it felt like any other ordinary day.Sigh.When you thought that you can beat the crowd if you go out early...sigh..was definitely mistaken by the notion.

I grabbed a few mags on the way home earlier today,including the new copy of Ratu Sehari which I was salivating all over the whole afternoon coz I found it, my pelamin,yoohoo.I am aiming for something simple and sweet and all this while the feature pelamin in mags were all so grandish,i sometimes get confused but the one i saw today was perfect...simple,sweet.Not messy and too elaborate.Fresh.


My mom will cry tears on my wedding day.


Enough said.

And since I am all hyped up again about the wedding that will be on in about less than 5 months (damn it,how time flies!),i started getting nervous again about my weight.(people...vain alert!).I spent an overtime at gym after missing my yoga classes and skipping diet since raya (and gaining a belly,shame on me!)..but all is good.My HL diet seems to start showing signals of good faith again when arif commented 'yang,perut u dah nampak susut la' and had shed effectively 4 pounds last week (that's almost 2kg) which is a relief.If I shed another 4 pounds by next monday i will be farking excited.

Which is why I am going to get my OWN electronic scale tomorrow.


See,i told u I am in a good mood.

Ok,criminal minds is on.I am signing off for the night.Cya all tomorrow.Mwahhs!!

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June said...

oh zue,
sudah mau kawen kah? seronok!..sorang sorang nak kawen..actually u dah plan awal awal..its much more easier kan..takde la serabut tak tentu arah last last minute nanti.. :D

take good care of urself..HL helps u a lot ar..jangan termuntah sudah dgn shakes tu..hehe :D