Sunday, October 5, 2008

Back and hating the weighing scale

I'm finally home!*grin*I love my bed.I love all the familiar faces at mt condo block (though none of us had ever spoken to each other).I love being back.

Hahahah.Ngada.Macam balik tu torture.Padahal was happy then too.

It was such a relieve to be back.


Today I finally weigh myself.Damn it.I am back at square one.Ini pasal kes melantak tak hengat la ni.


So in amidst my vanity,I started exercising today.Sigh.Gilos.Don't know how long I could keep this up but hopefully long enough to get back in shape.

My extra spare tyre from all the lemang and ketupat and what not is starting to depress me,i choke everytime I see food.NOT GOOD.I need to eat to survive. I can't live hating food and feel depressed over it. It makes my life boring.


Stop with the wining.

I have one more day leave tomorroe.Will only be back on Tuesday.Yippee!Don't miss me till then.Hahahaha.

Will update the raya pics when I get back.Tahun ni terasa macam ayu gila berselendang pergi surau.

Oops.Slipped.Nanti tuesday takde benda nak cerita.

Signing off.U guys have a great kick start off the long break ok?Happy working!



Fahmi Rosli said...

didn't we told u that ur weighing machine dun feel so bad.........

Zuraida said... mom came by on saturday and she checked my scale. scale tu tak rosak la. Korang yang gain weight!hahahahaha.