Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dah mula start hilang selera...

*Two people that I am currently missing....Raf, bila ko mau balik dari Singapore ni????*

It has been a stressfull day.

It started with a massive traffic jam at NKVE highway due to some accident somewhere at the Subang exit. The traffic was horrible, it was almost at a standstill.

Because of it....I was late.

Then there's the stress over work. Sigh. Lembap tak hengat masya-allah. Tuhan saja yang tau.

I am now at the extremes and instead of eating for comfort, I totally lost my appetite to a point that I bark back to my collegues...

"Jangan paksa aku makan boleh tak??"

I felt horrible.

Its suppose to be a good thing because I am suppose to be watching my weight. But somehow it does not feel right.

Takpe la, I have a pack of twiggies in case of emergency. Hopefully that should sustain me.

At the moment, I am really praying very hard that this phase shall pass very very soon. Tak nak la kerja weekend....

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