Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Day I added Nuffnang...

I know...it is so yesterday. Everyone I know practically had one....and I am just about to embark on try-outs.


What to do, I am generally not that IT Savvy. Maybe I should learn to be more aware of stuff. People had been earning moolahs with this stuff.


I don't how all this thing work. Seriously, I go bonkers okey. My last attempt at Google Ads failed miserably, after 6 months I removed it due to stress.

I hope this one works.

Owh its already the end of the day. Sigh. What a busy day.

Cya all tomorrow!


~ms tepung~ said...

zue...i'm also adding nuffnang (NN) but maybe my traffic is not so high, so I still didn't get any cent :(

tapi usaha tangga kejayaan...kan3

adsense? hmm i'm also being rejected since they said they cannot understand the language in my blog *maybe my url or anything they read is seems so melayu kot* so I just ignore it and concentrate on NN

Zuraida said...

dear ms tepung,
hhahaha.marila kita sama2 gigih berdoa ok.mana tau dapat side income?