Friday, October 31, 2008

The Day I Came Back to Office to Sign Off My Review Form

Its the time of the year when you have to submit your appraisals so that your boss has more the reason to hear you shout over your pay and remuneration (yeah, on the constant whining of how underpaid/ overworked/ undercompensated/ not very much appreciated) and since I can't access the appraisal form offsite, I have to rush back to office to get it done.

As I step into the office I was welcomed by the darkness. OMG....I felt like a sore loser. When everyone had happily retired for the weekend, here I am burning the midnight oil (so to speak. not that they allow any kind of burning in the office).

And being me (who is alway gloriously on time in the mornings), obviously I don't know where the office light switch are.

So I had to call the department secretary and brave my way through the darkness.


Deep inside I felt....hmmm...a bit down. It had been a so and so day, and it had kicked off pretty bad with the minor slander from an asshole from Indirect Tax....(huh!u ingat u bagus sangat???mentang2 bos you tak de nak berlagak datang lambat....i can be anywhere I want konon...8.30am you should be in office you dumb ass!) and the never ending shit that my client threw at me all day (huarghh!!!!rasa nak meletop ada. But then, sabar....) and being in office so late when everybody had (obviously) left (early sebab boss takde) is a tad sad.

None of it is ever appreciated anyway (I mean, even when you work late it won't net off the other slacks that you have done anyway)....nothing matters at the end.

In which that is why when it comes year end, no matter how bad the economy is and all the blah blahs about how things are slow and what not, they still find a way to put the blame on you.

On why you are underutilised....despite being jobless (sebab unassigned).

On why not enough effort is shown...despite the fact that effort can only be shown if you are assigned to something...

*ye lah...takkan aku nak keluar cari client kot?I am not at that level yet*

This is in fact a constant whining of the appraisee.

I bet the appraiser had a hard time trying to talk to the appraisee as well (on top of trying their best to sugarcoat the fact that they want to say something negative in a positive way, on trying their best to understand their appraisee and hope to get the message across so as to be able to motivate them in the future). I bet its a tough job.

At the end both parties hate it....but still had to do it anyway.

*Its ok boss. I cool down easily. I don't hold grudges against u guys.I know you are trying your best as well. Let's hope we can do better in the future*


Yeah...I am trying to play nice.

In 4 weeks time we will put all this behind us and start enjoying the holidays. The holidays, the annual dinneer, the year end parties....yippee...I love December. The fact that tomorrow is the first start of November makes me dream of good thoughts. from now on happy thoughts ok...happy thoughts....


Ms. Lili@ said...

bestnye, so envious that you can feel that way towards year end.

isk. it seems like peak period is for me all year long.. :(

Zuraida said...

*huge grin*

i hate to admit it,but the current economic situation didn't really give us much to work with.

but then at my place its pretty norm that most of us start taking long leave in december and it wont be that busy for most of us till after chinese new year.meaning there will be work,but ain't too hectic.

so december to end jan is always one of the best times of the year.

takpe beb.i bet you are getting compensated better there.*smile*