Thursday, October 30, 2008

The day they want to ban Yoga???

My favourite form of exercise will be banned???

Am I imagining stuff or this is happening for real??

Whoever is into banning this clearly never did their research well. In fact, I believe that it must be rooted from a form of biased assumption that our faith in the religion can be deterred merely through thin air....without any supporting facts over the pros and cons of the practice.

I had been to yoga classes for a few years now. Though not too disciplined, it had became an exercise that I had grown to love. Simply because it brought the better person in me. It gives me a sense of focus in what I do. I have many other reasons in loving it, and I sure wish that I am more avid over it.

And I surely agree over the points highlighted by our dearly beloved Miss Yoga Instructor here.

Enough said.

I hope whoever is looking into this will look at the positive aspects of yoga, than blindly labelling it as it did now.

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