Sunday, October 26, 2008

Destressed-tapi dah totally tak de mood

This weekend is a bad one - despite to suppose to be the one with loads of fun,circumstances had spun it 360 degrees the other way round.

I can blame work on most of it.

I manage to get some 'me' time today.Since my shitty work can't proceed much,i get to take the next two days off in peace.So i rescheduled my facial appointment,which i have cancelled twice and had my hair done at the salon.

By the time i walk out i felt like a million bucks.Stress seems to melt away slowly.My zits seems to be more invisible now.

So I was looking forward for the dinner night out.

Till everybody cancelled except me.


So here I am,indulging on my bread and butter pudding to mend my wound.

*farah,don't expect pics from me tonight.I am residing early,and since nobody showed up.who else to take pic with but me,me and me?*


Its okay. There is still one more day of holiday.I bet I can cheer myself up.

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