Thursday, October 16, 2008

Feeling much better

I did the unthinkable last night...I forced everything out....I binged it!!!

But then, after a whole night's rest, I somehow felt much better today. I cough much less, which is a relief because all the coughing is really really painful. So to all the concerned folks out there....thanks to all yourt prayers I am feeling lightyears thanks!!!

I am currently on site working on a client, so my updates will be pretty rare.

*Don't be sad...hehehe....if I am free you would be able to see me around anyway*

The dateline is expected to be tight (uhuh!) and so, expect me to ramble my stress out some time next week. hahahaa. Aku kan insan yang sangat fragile. Mesti ada outlet untuk melepaskan tensi, and my blog is one of it.

This weekend will be anothe buzzing weekend. Have several appointments along overdue around town (sob sob....sebab tu my tresses and my nails are not at its top notch form!So this week, tak boleh miss, unless I want to look like a hag) and of course, more open houses.

But I can't seem to take my mind of 25th October!!

Hahahahah....sangat excited. yuhooo!!!

*Me still not telling what's happening on the 25th, so if you guys are keen on knowing, hold on your horses and wait till then*

Tomorrow night will be party night, as me and my collegues will be celebrating our quarterly FAS do and Komala's bday!Hopefuly my voice is on good shape by then, kalau tak macam mana nak menyanyi??


Ok, hopefully u guys will have a buzzing few days till the weekend.Anything just holler ok!!! Mwahhs!!!


Shmea said...

random guess: are u eloping on the 25th? hehe.

Zuraida said...

ahahahah...if only i have the guts to elope i would have kids by now.Too bad I am such a coward, so no.

*huge grin*