Friday, October 10, 2008

*Gelak Besar* One hour to go to the end of the day....

I smile a huge smile when I saw the time of the day....4.20pm.Hahahaha..another hour or so and I can say my goodbye's for the weekend.

Anyway, it had been a short week. I had a long holiday break and an MC midweek, and now its the end of the week already and tomorrow is Saturday!I can't wait. There are loads of stuff to do (apart from gym and snoozing of course), and a few open houses to go to...

P/s : Riza, if you are reading this...nape tak angkat hp??Alia ajak pi open house umah dia la...

And I have to finish my fourth Jodi Picoult novel, The Pact, that I have started last Monday.

*that's my only saviour on my sleepless nights....sigh*

The Pact is about a teenager who survived a so-called suicide pact, and the dilemma over the incidence since the deceased is not only his girlfriend, but also a dear family friend that have been close for ages. I am halfway through it and I believe its a good read.

Hopefully I can finish it by Sunday. I have a job kicking off next week and I think I will be as busy as a bee from next Tuesday onwards for the next 3 weeks.

*So if out of a sudden I am offline and you guys hears zilch from me, means I am somewhere slaving my brain off for peanut pay*

Anyway, I am wishing everyone to have a good weekend, and do snap pics of the open houses you go to so we can share!Adios amigos. Tatataata!!!


elle said...

babe.. hihihi.. not open house la.. just inviting some friends over to finish up my kueh raya... hehehehe.. come with riza k!

: s h e "2 d" n a: : said...

kak zuee..miss uu..
wen to meet up nih?

hav fun raye k :)


Zuraida said...

aku masih di umah.dengan selesema yang makin menjadi2.nampaknya aku takkan ke mana hari ini.

shena dearie,
windu?mau jompa?boleh2.we all nak buat liza's dinner on 26th oct ni and farah's baby shower potluck pool party (mak aih panjangnya!) on 2 nov.u and lea nak join?buzz 9e buzz me.