Friday, October 3, 2008

Hari ini sudah raya ke-3

I woke up late. I felt bloated. I ate too much.

Enough said.

It sounds like a pig.


Hari Raya had been as usual. We rose the morning of first Syawal, don on our new attires, put ll our differences aside and just had fun. We had nenek's lemang and rendang, we ate Ani's half meshed up chocolate's another day.

We took pics too. But that is for later. I didn't bring my cable along..

Though I will still be on holiday till Monday, I am leaving for KL today so that I won't further screw up my diet (that had gone 360 degrees haywire) and drive myself lazier by the day...

*Plus I need to go and see Bailey...damn I miss him!*


I still have to shower, cook mihun for the guest I am expecting later, pack.....

Will definitely holler everyone when I am back!


1 comment:

Lina Chan said...

sis, i made d choc cake..

itupun 2nd trial punya..
1st trial, like what i told u b4, HANGUS..
itam legam, haha~