Saturday, October 11, 2008


Its suppose to be a busy day.Its suppose to be a day meeting friends,reminiscing the past,catching up with the present.Nevertheless,i am homebound.

I rise quite late.Nose as heavy as a log,I woke up to vibrating calls from friends on today's plans.I dragged my ass out of my bed,cursed under my breath on how messy my living quarters are and thought that I can pull myself together within an hour and still make it to all the open house i am invited to today despite feeling bogged down by flu.

I thought wrong.

After an hour things got worse.I was sneazing my ass off every 60 seconds and felt like my head is going to burst any moment.

So I took my meds and curled in bed.

And woke up at 9pm,when it's all dark.Gloomy.Silent.

This depress me.I can't stand being sick.


I hope to feel much better in the morning.So better go and take my meds now.


zie said...

Take good care babe. Do pop up a lot of Vit C and Spirulina. It helped me. Try la...

Zuraida said...

actually,time sakit2 macam ni macam best je kalau dapat makan domino's pizza.