Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Hate it When I am Sick on Wednesdays

I can't sleep all night last night.It was excrciating.My body is in pain and tired,my nose blocked all the way slightly above my throat and I was developing a massive sore throat.


Damn it.

I feel like dying.

I didn't get to sleep last night till 4am,it was daunting miserable so when my alarm rang at 7am,I naturally snooze it and when back to bed.

By 9am I got arif to drag me to a clinic.

I hate being sick on a Wednesday.Wednesday is suppose to be a day when you fool around and start to embrace the fact that in 2 days,it will be a weekend.And here I am.Stuck at home,with a bunch of pills prescribed for early signs of fever.

Even after medication I still have trouble sleeping.

Damn it.Do I have a sleeping disorder now?It had been difficult for me to catch my zz'z since the holidays started last week,but i expect normal routine to kick in by now.


If this shit goes on I need to see a doctor.Pronto.I don't want dark circles around my eyes by the 25th.

What's happening on the 25th?Hehehe.Hold on your horses.When the day comes maybe I'll tell ya.

Gonna go back to resting.Can't afford to skip work another day tomorrow.


If I am kick ass rich this would be just a bad hair day.


But again,me normal human being.


~LIZA~ said...

babe, u take care ok? hope u get well soon..


zewt said...

hope u feeling better today. after all... friday is on the way... :P

Zuraida said...

owhs people...thanks for loving me!!hahaah!My flu is getting no better, but its containable. Kan best if I can sleep all day???