Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It was excruciating....

Last night was excruciatingly painful. First, I started coughing badly. So I went to the pharmacy and got myself a cough medicine to treat my dry and slightly phleghmy cough.

By 9pm I was coughing my ass out like an old hag.Uargh, I HATE DRY COUGH. Its farking painfull. I stood motionless in front of my tv and try to concentrate on 'Burn Notice' and 'Criminal Minds' instead to get the edgy feeling off, but to no avail.

At 1am, I woke up to vomit.

Its not fun. Its extremely painful. It felt like a Fear Factor episode where you have to stuck a pole into your throat,and since the pole has torns, it grazes your throat on its way out.

*ada ke Fear Factor episode macam tu???exaggeration, exaggeration...*

I didn't lift my head off the toilet seat till one hour later. I can see my phleghm floating in a puddle.


And my throat felt dry like grade D sand paper all night.

I can't recall how many times I woke up last night to drink water. What I do know is that my 5 litre mineral water bottle (that I just pop open before I go to bed last night) is now only half full.

More liquids. Hopefully this too shall pass.


puterikurekure said...

take care ye!
cian ko...

Shmea said...

take care kak zue!

Zuraida said...

timo kaseh timo kaseh...
ada jugak insan2 yang prihatin.