Friday, October 17, 2008

Its Friday people...yuhoo!!!

I drove to work today. It is one of those rare days where I drive to my client's office because normally I would carpool and make others pick me up. Not that I don't like driving (and claiming mileage) but we usually have this limited number of cars that is allowed to claim mileage and it's so ma-fan if suddenly you are not one of it...

*And since petrol price had pain-stalkingly rise thanks to our ehem ehem, I decided that carpooling is better than killing yourself over fuel*

The drive to office is quite devastating. Since this is my morning drive more than 5km radius away in months, I somehow forgot how painful morning traffic could be....


I tell you, I cursed so many times today I used up all the curse words in my dictionary (across 4 different languages - Malay, Chinese, English and Tagalog) that I know off within the first 15 minutes.

Damn it....morning drive is stressful.

Tapi takpe! Itu semua tolak tepi! Sebab hari ni Friday!!!!!

My morning has been busy. There are a lot work to complete as soon as I turned on my laptop and I have been busy as a bee all morning. Sigh. Hopefully I can wrap up everything early because we have free department dinner tonight!!!Tak syiok la kalau miss kan??

Plus later we will be having Komala's birthday party at RedBox. Party people had grew from5 to 15...wahh...ramai betul si kawan2 baik komala ni yang sebut je pasal birthday party dia semua murah hati nak join. hahahaha. The more the merrier kan?

*nasib baik my cough had gone from bad to tolerable today, so boleh berparty!!!*


I bet it'll be fun. U guys have fun too ok!

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