Monday, October 13, 2008

Mondays....sigh...and bogged down.

Apa da...lately life is at the bottom of the wheel's end and today is no different.

I was rushed to the "Bos-Depan-Meja"'s room and got a long and dreary pep talk on ..... hmmm, maybe its not best to talk about it in here but nevertheless, a pep-talk. Sigh. Baru bersemangat nak start a new job tomorrow, and today, kena pep talk.

Maybe its my fault. Sigh. But then, salah aku ke?

If I keep on thinking about it, it will be a depressing day. As it is, siapa la ada mood nak kerja on a Monday anyway?

Despite feeling under the weather yesterday, I still went about town visiting friends. I even got my hair done at Peek-A-Boo. I manage to visit two out of five houses I am invited to, and due to the heavy pour of rain at noon, decided to go back home and rest.


Banyaknya benda nak buat. With my assignment starting tomoorow, I better clear them all off.

Got to go peeps!

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