Thursday, October 9, 2008

More pics....

I bet everyone has been waiting for my Raya update....the pics of course. I have just recently downloaded these since I keep on forgetting to bring my camera to here it goes...

Raya Day pics...

* me and my sis...konon ayu la sebab berselendang bagai. Kalau tak dulu takde pun macam tu*

*My cousion Lan, taking a picture of me taking his picture*

* That's my car parked way downhill...hahahaha...private parking at my granny's*

* Dekat surau with close relatives*

*Ini adalah antara kanak2 yang menerima ang pau dari aku....hahahaaha*

Hanging out with cousin Bailey...

He's back for the weekend! And last Saturday we (that's me, Bailey and his girlfriend Jov) went window shopping at Bangsar (after a nice round of lunch at Madam Kwan's ) and the Pavillion (since he had never been there before).

I took them in my CLK (cute-little-kelisa of course!) since that's the only ride I have.


Dan dan ni la aku nak satu garage penuh kereta...

*that's us goofing around*

Can u see me???? I am the one at the mirrors, frolicking my pink top and pink crocs!

*in blue is Jov, his model girlfriend*

Seriously, me envy with her flawless model won't be displaying her pics here so others can drool over their screen over her...

*Am sooooo green*

*at the Pavilion while waiting for the lovebirds shopping*

I spent a blizzard the week before raya shopping, so here I am settling just at the doorsteps of the shops.

Right after long walks in the Pavillion, my cousin treated me (and his girlfriend of course!) to fish spa...

*little fishies eating up my dead skin cells*

I love the small little's less ticklish as compared to the big ones.

*And what do you seems like my feet is model material.....heheheh*

That guy just snapped me, he didn't even ask my permission.


Lina Chan said...

wah, akak pegi fish spa gak ke?
mama ngan papa pun ada pegi..
tapi ikan akak lg banyak la..


~LIZA~ said...

eh eh mamat tu selamba aje ambik gambar kaki ko zue.. hahahahahahahaha!!

Zuraida said...

papa ngan mama pg fish spa jugak?meh la sini, ajak pi yang pavillion punya, kita masuk ramai2.

yeah sangat selamba ok. Nak je aku sound. Aku daring baik punya masa dia dok snap gambar2 tu.

P/s : kalau masuk magazine mana2 ke nanti aku cari dia sampai dapat mintak duit royalti.hahahahaha.

Lina Chan said...

nnt b bgtau papa n mama..
it's on u ok?
kak zu blanja.. :)
sure ble punya..

Zuraida said...

b la belanja kak zu,kan b baru grad,kira hadiah kat sume orang...