Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Delightful Light Lunch

Today is the start of a blissfull next few days till the the bosses scoot to a weekend getaway for a conference. *huge grin*.I step in the office all energetic and hopeful, 100% sure that there won't be any bugging bosses or clients around.


If only life is that nice.

But then reality checks in and I still have a truckload of things to do. Life goes on as usual.

But today had been the better of those days compared to the last few weeks. I finally get to sit on my desk and work on my things and sort things out.

I brought lunch today (yeay!finally. No more lunch outs!Back on diet!) and it was John West's Light Tuna in Garden Pasta.It's a packed low calorie food I found in Cold Storage a few weeks back, and had intended to try for ages since a pack only carries around 190 kCal. To my amazement it taste delicious, and I am full!Hahahaah!On top of that I should have brought salad, it would be nice to have them together as the taste is pretty rich...

I am definitely going to get more of those, eventhough a can cost RM15. It will be handy on those once a wekk lazy days when I just don't want to bother to cook or dishing things up in my kitchen.

Tomorrow, I am packing fruit salad. So I have to pay a visit to the grocery later to get my stuff.

Was online with Tina and Liza this morning and we were buzzing about weddings. Then my mom called, and we talked more about weddings. I am getting hyped up now. Hahahaha. And all excited. There are so many things to do, thank God that I am only planning for a simple and small closed wedding ceremony and reception....kalau tak mesti lagi pening kan??


I hope I can leave early today coz I packedmy gym bags and brought along my yoga mat. Sangat bersemangat nak pergi gym hari ni, mostly because of the ok body results last night....which shows that despite my bingeing activities over the past 2 months (and the fact that I barely touch my HL stock), I only gained a bit and 70% of it had been lost last week. The rest of the other stats (like water %, body fat% etc) is improving gloriously, so all should be good.

If I am serious this time round it might just work again. Crossing my fingers and let's get busy.

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Shmea said...

go kak zue! hehe. :)