Friday, October 10, 2008

On Insomnia and Nightmares

Lately I have been having difficulty sleeping. Don't ask me why, it has been ages since I have problems sleeping at night. I have tried everything I know to get me to sleep....including the hot milk, the peppermint tea, the mint scrub....everything fails....sigh.

My eyes goes wide shut at 3am daily. Despite me taking flu medication that is suppose to be very very drowsy.


To add to the misery, I have to wake up every morning by 8am. In between 3 am to 8am, I start having ludicrous nightmares like...

...being chased by a man-eating animal, with blood everywhere....

....hand chainsawed to pieces.... condo burnt down and I am lost in a puddle of smoke....

Today....I woke up shouting. I practicaly screamed my lungs out and when I do realise I was screaming, I felt this kinda blur feeling inside me with a huge question mark asking myself why-the-hell-am-I-screaming-now????.

Don't ask me why.I can't remember what it's all about.


Maybe its about time I go to see my doctor. Maybe I should go and seek psychiatric help (alamk, drama la pulak sampai nak jumpa doktor sakit jiwa) because seriously, this maybe signals to more disturbed stuff bottled up inside. if!

Or maybe I have watched too much horror movie lately and its time to stop.

Damn it.

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