Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Perasankah aku?

I have finally settled at home(thank god!).It had been a long weekday since I started my new assignment last week,spending more than 12 hours at work.

In fact,I left office at 9pm today.After being stuck at the pantry for almost half an hour,I have to go on extra crunch mode to settle my stuff.


Shit happens when you can bring nothing home to work on. Macam ambik exam.Habis masa that's it,you're done,but till then you have to give more than your 100%.Sigh.Expectations run high.

Enough mopping about work.

So since I have been spending more time in the office lately,I spend less time taking care of me.My house is a mess,laundry turning into another mount everest,sheets screaming for a change.Since I got better chores seems to be piling up,and its stressing me.

And pimples are popping like popcorn on my forehead. Bencinya!!

At this point of time,I have to admit that my confidence is at its all time low.

Seems impossible for such a positive me ain't it?

Well,this is one of those days I feel fat,ugly and underappreciated.


But then I try to smile.No point pissing everybody off because you lack self confidence kan,so I try to play nice.

Aku senyum kat akak kat pantry tadi.

I smile to the guards that man the office building.

I smile to the people I met at the cafeteria.

Up to a point that strangers smile back and thought they know me.Hahahahha!

Which bring to a recent incident,where two guys try to pick me up at a kopitiam just out of the blue.

Man,sudah lama orang tak try nak pikat aku.Aku mula terbang ke awan biru!heheheh!

Suddenly I have the feeling that though I make myself unavailable to others (and that I have issues with myself),I am indeed (still) a (very) attractive person.


Or adakah aku perasan,and that guy is just trying to be friendly coz I smile too much?

Hehehehhe.I suppose we never know.

*huge grin smacked in the face*


Shmea said...

u're not perasan la kak zue. don't perasan that u're a perasan person ok. ahaha. that's what i like abt u. u smile all the time. always looking humble and sweet. cheer up! weekend's jst arnd the corner. and cuti pulak tu the next day. bole enjoys puas2 k! take care. :)

Zuraida said...

thanks babe.sigh.iyeke i nampak begitu??

bagus la kalau weekend ni boleh berehat but from the way things are going at the moment, macam sooo unlikely je. Aku rasa mau menjerit!!!sigh!