Monday, October 20, 2008

Updates, updates!!!!

1. Might have a potential virus scare (again!!!)
Damn it!Tiap-tiap kalai on job mesti kena benda ni, so since I have cleaned up my external drives last few no plugging in anything in the laptop till I get this thing cleaned (again...sigh...what to do...)....

2. We had a blast last Friday!!!
Walaupun terpaksa berkejaran ke hulu ke hilir after work just to make Komala's Bday party happen, thank God, everything went well....

We had a blast and we were at RedBox @ Curve till 4 am in the morning. There was a huge crowd, and we had sooooo much fun!!!

Too bad no photos can be displayed since I can't plug in my camera to my laptop.


3. I spent the weekend on a high!!!
Yeah, I sound like a junkie. Hahahaha. After partying all night on Friday, I started feeling really really bad, so I after having my hair done at Peek-A-Boo on Saturday, I locked myself at home till late Sunday everning, only rising to shower, use the loo, eat and down my cough medicine....

Which I took way to many, and instantly knocked me out to slumberland....

Today I am feeling much much better.

4. Feeling guilty that I skipped gym for 2 weeks now.
I didn't go to gym since I fell sick 2 wednesday ago....damn it, now that I am feeling much better I still can't go because I have to work till 9pm.

What kind of work had I just signed myself into???

Don't ask!

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