Monday, October 13, 2008

What a Boring Day...

The day had been pretty slow....and thanks to my coughing and sneezing, there's seems to be a bit of activity here and there. Otherwise, everything seems to be dull and lifeless.

Can't blame the rest of the clan. Everyone seems to be somewhat busy with something, so everybody sort of mind their own business. I myself had errands to clear, though nothing much. But still, I can't help bust feel the boredome looming around.

Thank God that it's going to be 5.30pm soon and I can practically clear every inch of my desk space and say my goodbye's for the day. Sigh. What kind of job am I in anyway??

*Hahahaha,this is when I am suppose to bitch non-stop. But I decided that there is no point in doing so, and my frustrations are best kept to myself. So yo guys won't here me bitch a soul*

My fiance s taking me out for a shopping spree. Such odd timing. I don't feel like buying anything now, there's this depressing feeling that sort of anti-climax my shopping urge since last week, but the what the heck. Since he is paying, maybe I should just get along with it. Maybe I will grab a few books at Borders (since all my Jodi Picoult has been read, and I don't feel like reading any of my un-read chic lits that has been piling up since dog years ago) and search for a pair of cute sneakers at adidas. I did have urges to grab one of those yummylicious ballerina sneakers, and maybe that will do me more justice than an eyeliner or a lipstick.

*But I want the Mauve lipstick at Bobbi Brown*


Despite being sick I am still me. hallelujah!I can still rave non-stop over "buying stuff" eventhough I am not in the mood to do so...

I should pack now. Cya all tomorrow peeps!

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