Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sinking Deep

Did I mention that the last few days has been bad?

Well,I hate talking about it.

No,I am not having problems with arif.Before anyone starts speculating about a rocky relationship (waduh,macam kat tabloid pulak) I would like to first announce that so far my relationship with arif is A-OK!

Its just me.

I'm sinking into depression.

It's just one of those moments I feel insecure,and stupid.And most times out of focus and out of tune with myself.

I can't eat,or most of the time did not feel like eating.Which is so not me.

I can't sleep.

Half of the time I felt like crying.

Since last thursday I cry when I listen to the radio, I cry when I hit the shower,I even cry myself to sleep.

Today I cry during cool down at the end of my yoga session.

Thank God I didn't burst to one of those loud sobs.Tears just stream down my cheeks.


Then there's this feeling as if I am losing my mind.One moment I am crying like a mad women,the next minute my mind went point blank then I didn't really know what I was up to and what not.As if suddenly I am emotionless.

That's a bit weird.


I tried to be strong.I tried getting myself occupied.Since yesterday I had cleaned the whole house (yeah, on top of running for an hour and another hour of yoga at the gym),did my laundry and hit the gym again earlier today.

*thanks to my stepmom who practically ruined my much needed sleep, but that story is for another day*

I hope I will get through this soon.I hate being depressed.

I hate feeling this way.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Bad Boy You Just have To Love....

I have to admit that I have a soft spot for bad boys. This lot is so intriguing. Despite the fact that you'll end up at the wrong side of the crowd, the enigmatic feeling draws you closer because its so fun to just brave the world and let down your hair...and they don't even care over itsy bitsy tiny things like silverware, how you dress and whatnot....

Most bad boys I fell in love with have very deep set eyes and an attitude that awes you....makes you cringe at the same time gives butterflies in your stomach...

Though my flirting and fooling around days is over, there's no harm in indulging with the latest silver screem bad boy....


He plays the main character, the vampire Edward Cullen in the latest vampire romance flick, Twillight.

Look at that protective embrace..

I will quote in Malay....sangat jantan!

Hahahahaah! The "come near if you dare and I will snap your spine" look. I like. Sangat lelaki.

I saw the movie yesterday, siap beli Platinum tix so I can comfortably enjoy his charm (yeah, sangat comfy tengok the romance scenes, walaupun ada a lot of them cut off...sigh!...then leave the rest to my imagination la kan...). The next scene is my favourite...

When they were flying from one tree to another...I rasa itu sangat ROMANTIK! And the scenary was beautiful. I suka.

Before I sign off, here are more pics to drool over....

Bila la the sequel nak keluar? Its a expect two more.

Two Day to Get Hold of My Own....

LV Damier Canvas Neverfull MM
Now everyone knows why I am broke so early this month.
Have been saving for this since last 2 months. Hahahaha. Boleh tak? Orang save nak kawin, aku sibuk save nak beli bag.
*Nasib baik si cik abang tunang sangat understanding*

Cynthia's Farewell

Pics from the department's lunch farewell for Cynthia last Wednesday, as she is leaving for Dubai very very soon....

*Lucky you!!! Bila la turn I pulak???*

Venue : Delicious @ One Utama
Time : Lunch hour
Attendees : Everyone from my department, including the Ultimate Lady Boss who belanja us all...oh, many thanks....

Let the pics tell the story ya...

The last pic is of a very famous DJ in town...yang aku pun tak kenal siapa since I am not a mad fan of house/techno music...

DJ kat HRC I kenal la...on first name basis lagi...hahahaha!!!

*OK Tony, if you are reading this, I am posting your pic next!*

Reality : Everyone's Starting to Stop Blogging and Privating!

Yesterday my dear Shena buzzed me over YM...

Shena : kak zue, semua orang dah private.
Shena : Bencinya!!!

*that's an excerpt of our brief YM chat, since I was on YahooMobile, I wasn't there long*


Sad but true.

Because who-know-who doing you-know-what, a lot of us who didn't wish to be entagled in the so-called mess created by this so-called-loser had decided that its about time to go private and stop sharing our life's joy and laughter.

Because most of the time, our joy is translated as "berlagak", "suka menunjuk-nunjuk", "indah khabar dari rupa" and what not.


I like to quote Kimora Lee when people slam her for showing off her fabulousness;

*in more or less the same words"

"....I am not flaunting what I have and I don't care in flaunting what I have. All I was doing is sharing with everyone my happiness and my achievements and in doing so, sending a message that they too can achieve their dreams...."

You go girl! Well said!

Many of us don't care what evolves in other people's lives, and we blog about things that made us happy to share our happy moments with people we love. Its pitiful that sore losers who are green with envy suddenly make things personal and ruin the moment.

This people can move on... "to the left, to the left"...

That, we get from Beyonce.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Broke on pay day...

That's not something new..kan???

Anyway, lets not talk about sad stories today. Let's look at the bright side.

We had a farewell lunch for Cynthia today at Delicious @ OneUtama today. On top of the superb food, we had brownies topped with vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate fudge.


Sliver lining of the day...

Pictures to come.

Anything new lately??

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Rasa macam nak demam je...

Seriously, by 5pm yesterday I was not feeling very well. Macam nak demam je. So despite having plans to hit the gym, I merayau-rayau kat OU till around 6.30 pm then later head straight back home to hit the sack.

Its just that as soon as I reach home I rasa macam tak boleh tido pulak.Pusing punya pusin punya pusing. Last-last end up watching DVD's at home.

*yeah. Have a bunch of "unwatched" DVD's that has been piling up since the last two weeks. Its time to do justice*

So I started off with a dance movie. Can't remember the title, but the movie (must I say specifically - dance moves) is awesome. Simple story line - a girl dreams of going to dance school, didn't make it during the auditions, later turned dancer and at the end tried to audition again - but the choreography is great.

Definitely a must watch. So happy that I did.

The after that I moved to Camp Rock. Ergh. Patutla tak payah tengok pun takpe. So glad its over and done with.

By the time the two disc ended its already 9.30pm and I went on watching the usuals Burn Notice and Criminal Minds on 8TV. Oh....soka soka. I like both shows a lot. Rasa nak cari DVD je, but if I have the DVD's aku nak tengok apa on weekday nights?

So sabar je la ...tengok tv.

Sakit2 pun jadi TV bug.

Anyway, can't wait till tomorrow. I am going to the Garden's to pick up "The Dress" and Bailey's chrsitmas pressie. Yup. He called me from Manila early this morning (yeah, like 9am early) to make sure I get his email on the shoes that he wanted.

Nasib baik my favourite cousin. Aku layankan.

I just called the store manager to book the shoes. hahahaha. Yeah. He bought so much we even made friends with the store manager.

Anyway, I hope this dreadfull fealing will subside. Tak soka la time2 macam ni demam!!! Macam mana nak party weekend ni!


tengah sakit ni still sibuk fikir pasal nak party.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Day 3 at the Gym

Last Friday was my gym day 3. Disebabkan dah gigih berblogging about it, rasa macam tak patut la pulak if I am to ever miss it.

Besides, I need to "up" my stamina for the upcoming charity race that will be held on the 3oth.

*That's next Sunday!!!*

By 4pm my cik abang tunang dah sibuk call ajak tengok wayang. Damn it. Macam agk sukar la pulak. Time aku tengah bersemangat waja ni la dia ajak makan, tengok wayang etc. Sigh. Sungguh tak understanding...

But I left my options open.

I didn't say no.

I just told him that I will call him after my yoga class.

* FYI : Yoga is only "haram" when it involves contant physical activity with chanting and intention to be one with God. I am indulging on modern yoga that has no such thing as chanting or religious motives. So I am good. Kudos for the Jabatan Agama ppl who finally decided that a general blanket ban is inappropriate and detail out what kind of yoga that is admissable for practice*

But then, I end up skipping my yoga class after all....


I went to gym early, like at 6pm, and hit the strider for 40 minutes. Damn it, at the current stamina I can only burn 350 calories at that much time. I use to do better. Sigh. Takpe la, in a few weeks it'll get better.

*I hope*

At the end of the 40 minutes I got (really really tired) and I start stretching while waiting for the yoga class to be open. After 15 minutes of strtching my heart rate kinda slows down and kemalasan kick in bit time.

I tengok jam. Almost 7pm. Kat luar hujan renyai2. So I called arif. Maybe we could catch up on that movie after all.

Tapi dia malas nak keluar sebab dia baru sampai umah and its raining.


By the time I finished the talk the yoga class dah start.


Takkan aku nak terkedek2 masuk class lambat kot? Though I know Mr Cutie Yoga Guru won't mind and just smile, I rasa macam tak betah.

So I keep on stratching for another 20 minutes.

Then pack up and left for home.


Today pun I dah gigih bawak my yoga mat. Hopefully after the run today I can drag my as* to the class and not (shamelessly) walk back to my car.

Today's lunch

Today we had our lunch at Yoshinoya (we meaning me and my collegues). Instead of having the normal beef bowl set, I tried the chicken katsu don.

I have never tried anything other than the beef bowl. But it was not bad. Oklah. For something less than RM10. See, I am smiling aite???

Ok, men playing around with chopsticks in the house...

That's wen chu's lunch. She didn't want the rice, so without it the food look soooo healthy. Kan?

The following is my beloved pepsi...

On the way back I grabbed one donut (lagi?) at Big Apple Donut. Sebab I am into chocolate these days, I bought alient (chocolate in, out and above....melampau!).
I am staring at it longingly, but I am keeping that for later...

Pics from Sara's pre-wedding soiree

Yesterday we had a soiree at Azlina's house....actually nak celebrate Sara's upcoming wedding in December and meet up (since it has been ages since we sat down for drinks) to have a look at Azlina's wedding photos...

Yeah, I know. Az had been married almost one year plus sekarang baru kitorang sibuk nak tengok wedding photos. But tengok wedding photos is such a good excuse to get together...and she has like more than 10 albums....satu petang pun tak abis!!!

Ini adalah pic mini donuts that I just can't take my hands off! Plus the donut dok nicely in front of my serving plate. Hahahah! That day Azlina served kuey tiow and mihun goreng, and I brought ice cream (which I happily dip dalam donut! sedap!!!) while sara came with murtabak.

Dari soiree jadi pot luck pulak! Hahahaahah!

This is the bride - to-be. Tak lama lagi jadi bini orang dah.....

Me with Maznee, her daughter Erin and Izwain....anak dia dah one year plus, and sangat cute ok...

That's Izwain in front of the (uber-cool) flat screen TV (with the House Bunny in DVD). Actually, I wanna snap the serving plates and cases. Cantek kan? They were all wedding gifts. Cool. Bestnya dapat guest yang bagi crystals as wedding gift.

Jo....she became the model for Az's english style sofa and curtains. You just have to love it kan??

OK, Erin pakai kasut sebab papa dia dah tunggu kat bawah nak balik....

And that is obviously your's truly kan??
We exchange stories, catch up latest buzz (hahahaha!) and laughed our way out till almost 7pm. I definitely had a good time!
Mana Azlina?? Hahahaha! I lupa nak snap gambar dia! Anyway, her house is lovely. Babe, we can do it again soon aite???

Busy like a bee all morning...

Christmas will be knocking at our doors in less than a month....


*Ok, ini sangat inappropriate because I am a Muslim, tapi aku layankan aje sebab cousin2 and makcik pakcik aku mostly bukan, and they celebrate christmas, so I am in a jolly good mood jugak bila they are in a jolly good mood!*

Because every year my cousin will give me a gift. Hahahaah! I soka. Walaupun aku pun kena belikan dia gift jugak but what the heck....we don't exchange gift everyday, so this is the time of the year that I look forward to.

This year we have settled on a Juicy charm (for me) and (more) New Balance shoes (for him).

And since I am getting him shoes, I want stillettos for christmas....

Here are some Juicy finds....

*Juicy christmas Stocking charm, a black stilletto charm and a pair of ballerina flatties charm*

Seriously, I am going gaga over the ballerina flats. Sangat comel. Siap ada diamente trimmings. Sigh. Aku suka! And at the edge of the flats there's cute pink ribbons! hahahaha! Just great.

But deep inside sebenarnya I am eyeing for this....

*Juicy Coutoure necklace with Eifell Tower Charm*
It's like having the key to the city at your neck! Hahahah! I was drooling all over my PC. Sigh.
U think he'll be wise enough to get me both???
*Ohhh.....praying very hard!*

While browsing for my charm, I hooked up with some very nice bags (yang kalau boleh nak sangat add to my wishlist.....yang, belikan I ni boleh???).

* LV neverfull in crocodile leather*
Wahhh...I didn't know it came in croc leather. I got the monogram canvas type (and soon, itching for the damier canvas one....sigh....berdoa dengan gigih ni) but if cik abang tunang berbaik hati nak belikan I bag....I want this one! in GM! hahahaah...ok la , MM pun cukup.

*LV Gallierra PM in Damier Azur*
Ini pun delicious!I never caught attention to the Damier Azur series but this one simply leaves me drooling....

*Burberry Warrior*
Sangat la warrior chic! Hahahah! I have been eyeing this for months. Nasib baik la harga ko beribu raban and since you are new, not on sale in KL (yet!). Kalau tak, harus aku bertangisan air mata darah kat arif.
It has been a good morning.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The day I found The Dress

It has been a good day.

I woke up late.

I did my laundry.

And I had nasi kandar and cendol for lunch.Sodap bonar.Weeehooo!

I then rushed to go to Sara's pre wedding soiree then later found out that its tomorrow,and not today.


Baru ingat nak bersuka ria.


So I head back,had my hair done at Peek-a-Boo and window shop at the Gardens.

Hajat di hati while waiting for my facial session tu nak la intai2 for my annual dinner dress.


So jalan punya jalan punya jalan sampai Robinsons.Oh my.Tengok la boleh,kalau nak beli takut tak de moolahs la pulak.

The I found it.


And the price is quite reasonable. Hehehehe.Mula la tangan gatal nak membeli kan.I tried it on and it looks gorgeous!

I must have it! I must have it!

Damn it.Dah la tadi punya malas nak pegi bank cash pun tak de.Pastu dah nak appointment time pulak tu.


Later I have to run back.Or maybe I should go get it on pay day next wednesday instead.


Pergi balik mimpi2 dulu, and come back on wednesday to get it.


Menggelupur la aku dua tiga hari ni dengan angan2 dan mimpi2 indah.

Friday, November 21, 2008

A talk with the Banker

I don't understand the bankers....seriously, they call non-stop if your payment is due, and when its not due, they don't give a shit if your address change, your kitten die or you went to hell.

Ok, the last two memang patut la dia tak ambik pusing, but then important things like contact info, takkan kena pergi hentak pintu bank kot baru nak update?

The thing is I already had a hard time with the developer terminating my SPA, so fine, I even informed the loan officer about it and I thought its already taken cared off.

Apparently my stupid-ass developer still tak call bank. So interest aku jalan.

Stupid tak?

And since the bank annoyingly calls me over accrued installments (and I purportedly missed it, hahaahah!) I finally decided that today should be the day that I should settle this once and for all.

So I give them a ring...

Banker : xxxx Bank. How can I help you.

Me : Hi, I am calling about my oustanding loan installments.

Banker ; Can you give me your name and IC number.

Me ; Sure ( and buzzed the details)

Banker : Oh hi, so its you. Thank God you called. Your account has been due for 2 months.

Me : Errmmm...the SPA was terminated, didn't you get the notice?

Banker; (Blur??) Hmm, we were not informed of anything..

See...ini yang aku tak suka. Aku dah hantar fax dekat 10 kali still tak dapat notis. And developer mangkuk aku pun satu, sampai la ni tak settle ngan bank lagi??

Aku dah nak mula angin, tapi cuba cool, sebab suara dia ni sangat lemah lembut. Macam tak sampai hati aku nak sembur.

Me : ok,it seems like the developer has been doing an "outstanding" job again. Sigh. (so I went on ahead full blast explaining the situation).

But obviously being an accountant I know that it was not what the banker wants to hear. So I sugarcoated.

Me : Its ok, let us do it this way. I will make the payments on Monday. So stop bugging me (literally speaking lah). But I want the latest bank statement to date on total disbursement and total payments that have been made to date.

Banker : Ok. We can do that. But what is it again with the statement?

Blur sotong gila banker aku nih!

So there I was having to start explaining again!

It took me almost 10 minutes to get this (slow?) banker to understand what I need. Then sh blurted...

Banker : Sorry, but that is not part of my jurisdiction.

Me: Ok, then who is it? Aren't you handling my account now?

Banker : Yes I am handling your account.

*Oh the irony of it!*

Me : So you're saying that you are handling my case and you can't even provide me with the statement when the officer in charge is you?

Banker : (must have felt a bit trapped coz she starts using her boss as an excuse!) Errmmm...I have to talk to my boss.

Me : Ok, u do that. But I need to know who. And if you don't tell me who I won't make any payments.

Mesti dia dah gabra dah by time ni.

Banker : Okay. Maybe you should walk in to the branch that you have committed with and ask them to change the address.

Me : Oh, thats the thing. Every officer I spoke to gives me a different branch. So at the end the last one I have been talking to told me I can just fax him the letter. So I did. And he said its changed. Now you are telling me to do it all over again. So which branch?And who should I meet?

Ye la, takkan aku nak ambik cuti free2 then later sampai bank tercongok macam orang bodoh kan?

Banker : Errr...

Me : Unless you give me a solution this would never be resolved.

Banker : Okay. Why don't you fax me a formal letter and I will bring it up to my manager and see how it goes?

Me : Ok, that's a start.

*But if you can't give me the statement by Monday I wont bank in the money ok???*

Let's just wait and see what will happen....

Day 2 at the Gym

Selingan : Yesterday the Hongkies won the Amazing Race 3. I almost cried masa Ida and Tania was stuck at the Dubai airport. But then, they did pretty well. Bravo babes! Thank God G&T does not win. The look on their faces when they were announced second, was priceless!

*Ok, enough of that. Nanti jadi a full blown entry pulak.*

These days I brought my gym bag along to work. Since I finally manage to build a rapport with the parking guys to enter the JJ basement carpark, bringing gym stuff is more convenient. Ye la, I don't like leaving my gym bag in the car if I park on the rooftop or open car park because of the heat, and to go home and change and later hit the gym is a bit mah fan...

So since I have my bag in the car boot, I hit the gym straight after having a light dinner with my collegues (sigh...this is becoming a ritual. I better be extra carefull of what I am consuming...). Sigh.

Kena lebih gigih.

Yesterday I opted for the strider. I love the strider because its kind to my joints. So with proper cool down and stretching I wont have joint and knee pains. Such pain is common for people like me, and usually swimming is the best exercise but then it has been raining profusely in the late afternoons over the past two weeks that hitting the pool is not a very good idea.

*Ye la. Aku kan sensitif. Kena air hujan sikit dah demam. Inikan pulak saje-saje berendam dalam air hujan. Lagila. Mau masuk hospital???*

I rushed back to watch The Amazing Race Asia soon after. Hahahaha! If not for the show I might be spending an extra hour in the gym's locker room for steam and shower. (yeah, my tresses need help! pronto!)

*Apa kenanya gym shower with tresses? FYI, that's my el-cheapo treatment session. When I hit the steam room I will put on a treatment conditioner so that it will make my hair soft and silky afterwards.....15 minutes of steam, 15 minutes of shower and a good blowdry then voila! Gorgeous hair!*

Maybe I will do that after the RPM class this weekend.

Yeay today is Friday! Let's have a good one k!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Day 1 at the Gym

Okay, its not really day one per se but technically its the first day I am started my fitness regime (again!).

Most of you guys must be bored by now with my yo-yo dieting. hahahah. Bukan contoh yang paling sempurna but I tried my best, and here and there masih sihat.

Thank God!

So yesterday after having a light dinner (ok, minum-minum session with some collegues), though malas, I brave myself (more like forced myself) to gym. I try to put mentak images of fit bodies that I have to be in within 3 months or so, so yeah, I got chicken out and dragged myself to the nearest threadmill.

*Sebab yoga class yang i nak masuk tu dah start, so I missed, and Ninie's class is superfull.Sigh!*

As I step on the mill, I took out my notebook to try out the intensive running workout from Shape! magazine. I did ok during war up, but then as I hit the RPE higher to 7 after the warm up I mula la....



So cepat2 i lowerkan the RPE to 5, than stick to 3 till the end of a 30 minute run/walk.

Damn it. That show's how poor my stamina is these days. Sigh.

Takpe la.

This weekend try out RPM training...the biking classes that trim's a friend of a friend. Maybe that will work for me.

For today and tomorrow, lets stick to the strider and do yoga.


Oh My...the Sexy Me is Out!

Tagged by Foxy Farah!!!

*babe, since u insist, terpaksa la aku godek gambar2 lama.....*

As I have earlier told her, though people found me hot! (hehehe, saje je melebeh sikit!) , I was never a vixen.

I am the girl next door who is happy watching her vixen frriends have fun.

*But I occasionally flaunt my assets once in a while...tengok occasion la....*

Tapi to honor friends, here it goes...

1.Tangkap @ sertakan 3 keping gambar anda yang anda rasakan paling Sexyyyy..

I ada lebih satu.....tak pe kan??
Tapi Farah pun ada lebih....heheheh...

2 - Tak semestinya tak berpakaian atau mendedahkan..mungkin anda rasa senyuman anda masa itu adalah sexy..sertakan!!!
3 - Nyatakan kenapa gambar itu begitu sexy di mata anda?

Ok, want to know why??? Reah on...

4 - Tag 5 rakan-rakan anda yang sexy..5 - Selamat bersexy!!

I am tagging you!!!!!
And once you have done it buzz me ok...

I think this pic is sexy because I look so slender in it....heheheheh.
*and terpaksa cover sikit, kalau tak nampak belly button*
Close up sikit......

There you go....I think the smile is just great!
I think this pic is sexy because I look soooo innocent in it....hahahah!

I think this pic is sexy because....hmmm...the attitude!
I never caught the attitude in photo before.

This is the latest...the night we had Liza's hen night...
Think its sexy because I got 2 numbers that night.....and a few round of drinks! man I don't know I can still flirt that well....
Me & even in the morning during our brekkies!

The Day when Amazing Race Asia 3 will be airing the season finale...

I am so eager to know who wins!!!

*hope Ida and Tania wins...hope Ida and Tania wins.....(chant on and on and on...)*

One of my SR (yeah...hahahaa, I know what that acronym means now thanks to you guys!!!) actually did casually mention for more insights on the race...and I'd love to write loads of it but then I'm afraid I might end up with pages and pages of it...

I just love this season's race.

I have to agree that it is the most excruciating race compared the earlier two season and I was kept at the edge of the seats every time I watch the show (re-runs mostly....too bad I don't have my own Astro tapi tonight I am so gonna go and watch!Tak kira la kat rumah sape!).

Why excruciating???

Because it does not only involve freaky stuff (like eating stinky whole bowl!Earrgh!You can see Ida's eyes popping out dy at the last scoop of it!), it also involves non-stop physical challenges (remember Hong Kong? damn after another. Kalau aku pengsan dah agaknya!).

I have to give a thumbs up (ok, all ten thumbs up) to the participants (all of them) for all that they have been through. They might all be celebrities at their own right (yeah, this round you see a lot of beauty queens, actors/actresses...even an heiress!), but surprisingly, they don't nag that much (except the very few), most of them are quiet humble (and normal, thank God!) and persistent.

I believe the top 5 couples are great and well deserved....

* Geoff and Tish - the Filipino's*

Ok...I hate G&T, but watching them is fun too...sebab somebody has to play villains right?

Up to a point I just hate Geoff because of his smart ass act, but this duo is a tough cookie and you have to give them credit to giving their 110%. Tish is a very patient lady, and if she hasn't dumped Geoff by the end of the race maybe they were meant to be.

*I hope they don't win. hehehehe.Evil grin!*

*Ida and Tanya - the Malaysian Mum's*

Hooray to all moms! Both of them are very strong and aspiring, and I would definitely want to be like them (I mean the strong, aspiring and successfull bit....can't really comment on the rest coz I don't know them personally, aite?) and it's a huge thing to know we have women with great character among us.

I love their perserverance, their patience, their happy-go-lucky attitude in completing the challenges. Made myself reflect a lot of times after the show on how much I should improve myself to be that gracefull.

I say gracefull because they are gracefull - in meeting people, in handling themselves, in facing their fears. If it was me there's a lot of censorship required before airing my footage.

Hahahaha! enough siad. You guys rock!

* I hope u win!*

*Bernie and her bro(hahahaah!I can't recall his name. Sorry man!)*

This sibling duo is my favourite among kills me when they have to leave.

*Kenapa la tak kick out the Filipinos?*

They are like the main reason I followed the show in the first place. I think they are very tough! Energetic!

And the brother is funny.

*the Hongkies*

I love this twosome dude all well. Kalau Ida and Tania tak menang, I want them to win! heheheheh! Better than Geoff and Tish.

Too bad they cringe half way parasailing last episode and AD and Fuzzie also give up halfway, otherwise we might just be able to kick...

OK, better not mention that anymore. Otherwise Bailey will kill me for being racist against 50% of my inheritance.

And last but not the least....

*AD & Fuzzie - the Singaporean's*

They have been BFF for ages. And their friendship has been a lot (hahaha, during the race!If I have half the friendship AD and Fuzzie has I'd be darn gratefull) and its mindboggling how they get through episode after episode.

*It also surprises me that the heavier one always do the physical challenges and still get to get through it well - kudos!*

Despite everything, this season is a great season.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More pre wedding pics @ Lake Garden

I love the black and white photos....rasa macam klasik je...hahahaha...

Anyway, here's a bit more to share. Nak load 5 keping ni je dah sape2 nak tengok lagi tunggu je la the wedding day okeh...



Reducing EPF...

I have mixed feelings about this. Seriously, who wouldn't want extra cash to spend aite? But then aku tak nak la nanti bila dah tua2 struggle nak mati dengan savings, so thinking back, its a bit unfavourable at my end.

Working in private firms means no pension money, which equates to no guarantee of a confortable nest egg at your retirement age. Sigh. Its sad, but true. Sebab tu la mak mak selalu encourage kerja, stable and hmmm....

But knowing me I would NEVER fit in with the government culture. So adios kudos to that.


So here I am, slaving in a corporate company who doesn't pay pension and the only secure savings I have for my retirement age is EPF.

I hate to be too reliant. But I am not joking.

With the price (of everything) increasing and a need to maintain the living standards I am in now , obviously there is a constant money pressure. I think all of us is facing the same problem. (Nasib baik harga minyak sudah turun lagi, harga barang bila mau turun??). And the wedding coming up, lagi la aku terkial-kial menabung.


I have to admit that I am tempted to reduce my contribution.

But then the temporary plus points of opting for the reduced rate diminishes when I picture myself at old age, wrinkled (though aged gracefully) , still struggling with money because I stupidly decided that I want to contribute less.


So here I am, eagerly waiting for 1st December to sign off the forms to maintain my EPF contribution rates.


Bersusah-susah dahulu, bersenang-senang kemudian. Takpe la, at least my nest egg is 3% higher at old age.

*Ini semua akibat the grossly images of me at old age with no one to take care off me. Sigh. Paranoia!*

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tiba tiba aku dilanda angin malas berblogging...

After reading you-know-what written by you-know-who (kalau tak tahu tak payah tanya...senyap sudah), mula lah rasa malas nak berblogging.

Tiba-tiba putus inspirasi.

Hilang dah rasa syoknye.


That stupid bitch should rot in hell with all her minions.

Enough said.

Maybe my mood will return tomorow.

Info info...

Ok, I got sms's and emails for my photographer's contact....and God bless with his permission I hacked this photo of him (centre, name : Nuril) and his crew from Neo Studio....

So here it goes;

Who to call : Nuril

Hp number; 012 - 298 9065 or 019-669 9065

Links to some of his works;

Ok, the second guy at the back, Syafiun, also did some of the photos. He should also get the credit. hahahaha!Anyways, they both work together, so one credit also goes to the other, kan?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Day Off

Today I decided to just carelessly spend the day and subdue to any form of whim I am deprived off over the last few weeks.

I had a late morning.

I made home-made egg benedict for brunch.


Ok,just half of it.Coz the firat disc agak goyang and I was so lazy to run back to the dvd store and change it (I will do it after work,easy peasy...aand sambung tengok balik).


Ok.Don't get the wrong idea.Its not weeds the pot to smoke,but weeds the tv series, about a suburban housewife turn pot dealer when her husband died to make ends meet.

Its hilarious.I have been watching since season 1.I am at season 4 now,and at the end of it,it just got better.My reaction was like 'shit!seriously?' and I can't wait for season 5.

Cepat la keluar.Amen.

My talk with the dvd guys got me all excited.Not only heroes 3 and desperate housewives 5 are out...prison break 4 is also running.With Gossip Girl 2 and the new 90210 in my hard drive,the next few weekends will be busy watching tv series.

Ngehngehngeh.Kembali jadi dvd addict.

Ok Ok.

I am straying here.

Despite all that I also skipped gym and ate a whole cadbury bar.

What a day.

*huge grin ever*

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bored...despite having a lot of things to do...


I went out!I window shop!I had my afternoon nap!Now I am bored.

Boleh tak? Bored on a Sunday.Usually this is the time when I start whining on how the weekend had ended and I had done nothing blablabla but sekarang terbalik pulak.

I think this is my long weekend blues.


Cuti sekejap salah,tak cuti pun salah.

Anyway,I went dress hunting at several places after my breakfast session with the blogger babes today and its oh so depressing.

First and foremost...the size.Sigh.I better not talk about this otherwise sampai esok tak abis.

Secondly,the cost.Even the dress kat Nicci Fashion City pun dah hit RM300!Rasa sadistic je.Baik tambah a little bit more them boleh start eyeing Warehouse.

Or kalau dapat RM1k pun elok jugak.Can go and get me a COAST.Sigh.Where's a sugar daddy when you need one?

Ok,kidding.Me not into short term flings.

I feel so desperate.Kalau ada express whole body lipo yang bagi a bomb sedative to a point I wont feel a thing and instant recovery within 24 hours ntah2 I would be wearing huge sunnies and dodge paparazzi's now signing up for it.To hell with I love my (big) and beatiful PHAT body.

Tapi,pI am still keeping my boobies.You can suck the rest out.Leave the boobies alone.Hahahah!


Arif called just now and dia ajak makan sate.Bosan betul la,time aku nak diet ni sibok ajak makan sate.Dah la lunch tadi dah makan nasi ayam dengan dia.Sigh.Ke nak tengok Madagascar?Tapi macam malas pulak.


Dilema orang malas.Life is damn difficult when you are spoilt for choices.

I wish tomorrow is a working day!Boleh tak?Maybe I should do a movie marathon at the cinema tomorrow,since I am the retarded on holiday kan.Kalau ajak wen chu mesti dia malas punya,sebab dia mesti tired baru balik dari genting.

Ke aku nak lari pergi genting minum starbucks kat sana dan come back the same day?

Oh my,kerja gila.

Okay,before I start getting anymore ideas I better stop.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tengah facial boleh sempat berblogging?

Yeah!Mesti korang ingat aku menipu.Tapi sumpah aku tengah dengan gembiranya meniarap atas katil kat MTM with mask slabbed on my face.

The thing is,my facial usually takes 2 hours or so,depending on how much zit they could extract every visit.And since my acne is like dried popcorn today,ivy spent an extra half and hour having the time of her life popping it out.

I hope this nightmare will soon end.

Despite the breakouts,i found out that my hydration level is getting better and my skin is fairer.Kudos to the fairer skin its making my acne break outs of late look really really bad. But then some of the huge ones on my forehead and right cheek is easing off,so I feel much better.

I try not to think about it too much.It will eventually stress me out,which is not good,because it might lead to more breakouts.


Today I signed up for the buy 5 free 5 facial course.I think its worth it,coz I love the fact that they tailor made the stuff they use on me from natural essences.So everytime I swing by its new stuff,not something out of s bottle that has been opened months ago.And they are all so cold.Must be just out of the freezer.

Lepas ni have to go straight to Geng Ying's place for her bbq party. Jo had called me twice dy coz I am supposed to convoy with her,but then since I am still here so paham paham je la,i will be glamorously late la.And oh,I better not forget my fiance,so kena pick him up first,or get him to pick me up.Mana mana la.Later have to immediately call him.

Ok.before I get caught blogging,I better sign off.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Still in office...and reminiscing over yesterdays Amazing Race Asia 3

I have packed my stuff to leave when suddenly I was stopped...

"Zuraida, can you stay for a while till we clear everything off??"

Okay, there goes my yoga plans.Sigh.I unpacked with mixed feeling (hmmm....actually with slight retaliation) because jeez I have nothing to do anyway, but then, takpe la, what the heck. It's just for one day. And monday is a holiday for me anyway, so I guess it wouldn't hurt to stay back and be a team player....

*Yeah, nanti kalau retaliate kang jadi hostile pulak. Not good on a Friday night*

My cik abang tunang just called, he's chilling at HRC. Oh my oh I am stuck at work, laki aku sibuk pi happy hour. Ni yang lagi nak lari ni....

*Its okay its okay.....Monday is a holiday. So long that no one from office call me back once I leave later, I will be good*


My mind is floating elsewhere, despite being physically bound to my desk. Last night was a better which by this time I am already sitting eagerly in front of the TV at Arif's place with my Muv It Muv It meal watching The Amazing Race Asia 3.

*Yeah...rasa macam budak2, nibbling my McShaker Fries while watching TV*

Nasib baik mak arif cool je.Hehehehe. Jauh aku datang tengah tengah malam buta just to watch the show. Ye la, my favvy Ida Nerina and Tania is at Top 3. Takkan nak miss kot???

For the next 2 weeks I am so not going to miss it...till I now who wins.

*please let Ida and Tania win, please let Ida and Tania win...the mantra goes on.....please don't let Geoff and Tish win....please eliminate them asap, or make them do something they can not do they instantly give up...please!!!!!!!!*

Sheesh I sound desperate. Padahal bukannya aku dapat apa-apa pun.

Apa? I know I know...biasanya Thursday night I watch horror drama's kan, and usually Amazing Race is not my thing...but this leg of the race got me hooked and I am ADDICTED! Heroes 3 pun tak buat I addicted macam ni. So I only resume to the horror drama when the race was over at 10pm.

*Ala...puaka tu baru start. Tengah bosan pun.*


I hope I can go back home soon. I want a bath. I want a long refreshing bath.

*OK, stop it!Don't get wrong ideas!*

Pre Wedding - Day at the Park

OK, you guys want more photos right????

Here it goes, let the picture tell it all...

*Photos taken by Nuril, interested parties can buzz me for his number!*

No fancy shmancy...just you and me. Love you honey.......

*ok, the Thailand T-shirt is definitely NOT my idea!*