Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bored...despite having a lot of things to do...


I went out!I window shop!I had my afternoon nap!Now I am bored.

Boleh tak? Bored on a Sunday.Usually this is the time when I start whining on how the weekend had ended and I had done nothing blablabla but sekarang terbalik pulak.

I think this is my long weekend blues.


Cuti sekejap salah,tak cuti pun salah.

Anyway,I went dress hunting at several places after my breakfast session with the blogger babes today and its oh so depressing.

First and foremost...the size.Sigh.I better not talk about this otherwise sampai esok tak abis.

Secondly,the cost.Even the dress kat Nicci Fashion City pun dah hit RM300!Rasa sadistic je.Baik tambah a little bit more them boleh start eyeing Warehouse.

Or kalau dapat RM1k pun elok jugak.Can go and get me a COAST.Sigh.Where's a sugar daddy when you need one?

Ok,kidding.Me not into short term flings.

I feel so desperate.Kalau ada express whole body lipo yang bagi a bomb sedative to a point I wont feel a thing and instant recovery within 24 hours ntah2 I would be wearing huge sunnies and dodge paparazzi's now signing up for it.To hell with I love my (big) and beatiful PHAT body.

Tapi,pI am still keeping my boobies.You can suck the rest out.Leave the boobies alone.Hahahah!


Arif called just now and dia ajak makan sate.Bosan betul la,time aku nak diet ni sibok ajak makan sate.Dah la lunch tadi dah makan nasi ayam dengan dia.Sigh.Ke nak tengok Madagascar?Tapi macam malas pulak.


Dilema orang malas.Life is damn difficult when you are spoilt for choices.

I wish tomorrow is a working day!Boleh tak?Maybe I should do a movie marathon at the cinema tomorrow,since I am the retarded on holiday kan.Kalau ajak wen chu mesti dia malas punya,sebab dia mesti tired baru balik dari genting.

Ke aku nak lari pergi genting minum starbucks kat sana dan come back the same day?

Oh my,kerja gila.

Okay,before I start getting anymore ideas I better stop.

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