Thursday, November 20, 2008

Day 1 at the Gym

Okay, its not really day one per se but technically its the first day I am started my fitness regime (again!).

Most of you guys must be bored by now with my yo-yo dieting. hahahah. Bukan contoh yang paling sempurna but I tried my best, and here and there masih sihat.

Thank God!

So yesterday after having a light dinner (ok, minum-minum session with some collegues), though malas, I brave myself (more like forced myself) to gym. I try to put mentak images of fit bodies that I have to be in within 3 months or so, so yeah, I got chicken out and dragged myself to the nearest threadmill.

*Sebab yoga class yang i nak masuk tu dah start, so I missed, and Ninie's class is superfull.Sigh!*

As I step on the mill, I took out my notebook to try out the intensive running workout from Shape! magazine. I did ok during war up, but then as I hit the RPE higher to 7 after the warm up I mula la....



So cepat2 i lowerkan the RPE to 5, than stick to 3 till the end of a 30 minute run/walk.

Damn it. That show's how poor my stamina is these days. Sigh.

Takpe la.

This weekend try out RPM training...the biking classes that trim's a friend of a friend. Maybe that will work for me.

For today and tomorrow, lets stick to the strider and do yoga.


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