Friday, November 21, 2008

Day 2 at the Gym

Selingan : Yesterday the Hongkies won the Amazing Race 3. I almost cried masa Ida and Tania was stuck at the Dubai airport. But then, they did pretty well. Bravo babes! Thank God G&T does not win. The look on their faces when they were announced second, was priceless!

*Ok, enough of that. Nanti jadi a full blown entry pulak.*

These days I brought my gym bag along to work. Since I finally manage to build a rapport with the parking guys to enter the JJ basement carpark, bringing gym stuff is more convenient. Ye la, I don't like leaving my gym bag in the car if I park on the rooftop or open car park because of the heat, and to go home and change and later hit the gym is a bit mah fan...

So since I have my bag in the car boot, I hit the gym straight after having a light dinner with my collegues (sigh...this is becoming a ritual. I better be extra carefull of what I am consuming...). Sigh.

Kena lebih gigih.

Yesterday I opted for the strider. I love the strider because its kind to my joints. So with proper cool down and stretching I wont have joint and knee pains. Such pain is common for people like me, and usually swimming is the best exercise but then it has been raining profusely in the late afternoons over the past two weeks that hitting the pool is not a very good idea.

*Ye la. Aku kan sensitif. Kena air hujan sikit dah demam. Inikan pulak saje-saje berendam dalam air hujan. Lagila. Mau masuk hospital???*

I rushed back to watch The Amazing Race Asia soon after. Hahahaha! If not for the show I might be spending an extra hour in the gym's locker room for steam and shower. (yeah, my tresses need help! pronto!)

*Apa kenanya gym shower with tresses? FYI, that's my el-cheapo treatment session. When I hit the steam room I will put on a treatment conditioner so that it will make my hair soft and silky afterwards.....15 minutes of steam, 15 minutes of shower and a good blowdry then voila! Gorgeous hair!*

Maybe I will do that after the RPM class this weekend.

Yeay today is Friday! Let's have a good one k!

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