Saturday, November 22, 2008

The day I found The Dress

It has been a good day.

I woke up late.

I did my laundry.

And I had nasi kandar and cendol for lunch.Sodap bonar.Weeehooo!

I then rushed to go to Sara's pre wedding soiree then later found out that its tomorrow,and not today.


Baru ingat nak bersuka ria.


So I head back,had my hair done at Peek-a-Boo and window shop at the Gardens.

Hajat di hati while waiting for my facial session tu nak la intai2 for my annual dinner dress.


So jalan punya jalan punya jalan sampai Robinsons.Oh my.Tengok la boleh,kalau nak beli takut tak de moolahs la pulak.

The I found it.


And the price is quite reasonable. Hehehehe.Mula la tangan gatal nak membeli kan.I tried it on and it looks gorgeous!

I must have it! I must have it!

Damn it.Dah la tadi punya malas nak pegi bank cash pun tak de.Pastu dah nak appointment time pulak tu.


Later I have to run back.Or maybe I should go get it on pay day next wednesday instead.


Pergi balik mimpi2 dulu, and come back on wednesday to get it.


Menggelupur la aku dua tiga hari ni dengan angan2 dan mimpi2 indah.

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