Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Day I Got Over My Head and Scream Over the Phone

I have to say that I am usually very gentle over the fact, I talk so nicely that my collegues always say that my fiance fall in love over and over again over my voice. I am most of the time very civil. Even when people shout at me I kept mum and talk back nicely...

Not today.

I called my (stupid fark ass) developer today (who decided to terminate my S&P) since they have been pretty quiet over the past 2 months since I submitted my formal termination letter turning down their (unreasonable) offer.

Then they say;

"sorry, its not processed because we did not receive your confirmation letter"

That's the same excuse they use the last time.

Too bad now I have a fax confirmation that the earlier faxed I sent 2 months ago is actually sent and completed...are you trying to say that the fax machine lied???

So I exploded.

Big time.

I even called them nuisance and incompetent.

Nasib baik when I called the senior manager in charge, she is not there. Otherwise she will get a piece of my mind (again!) and got shot with even stronger blow to the head because last time I recall, I dealt with her.

This time with fury, I told them to standby the fax machine and call me as soon as they get the fax.

I sent a fresh letter with the earlier fax confirmation stating my dissatisfaction and threatening to make their life misearble with a formal complaint if this drags on any longer.

*Yeah. Aku akan hentak pintu MK sendiri if I have to*

And put it upfront that moving forward they will be speaking to my lawyers.

I want grievances!!!!!

I am so not in the mood right now.

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