Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Day when Amazing Race Asia 3 will be airing the season finale...

I am so eager to know who wins!!!

*hope Ida and Tania wins...hope Ida and Tania wins.....(chant on and on and on...)*

One of my SR (yeah...hahahaa, I know what that acronym means now thanks to you guys!!!) actually did casually mention for more insights on the race...and I'd love to write loads of it but then I'm afraid I might end up with pages and pages of it...

I just love this season's race.

I have to agree that it is the most excruciating race compared the earlier two season and I was kept at the edge of the seats every time I watch the show (re-runs mostly....too bad I don't have my own Astro tapi tonight I am so gonna go and watch!Tak kira la kat rumah sape!).

Why excruciating???

Because it does not only involve freaky stuff (like eating stinky whole bowl!Earrgh!You can see Ida's eyes popping out dy at the last scoop of it!), it also involves non-stop physical challenges (remember Hong Kong? damn after another. Kalau aku pengsan dah agaknya!).

I have to give a thumbs up (ok, all ten thumbs up) to the participants (all of them) for all that they have been through. They might all be celebrities at their own right (yeah, this round you see a lot of beauty queens, actors/actresses...even an heiress!), but surprisingly, they don't nag that much (except the very few), most of them are quiet humble (and normal, thank God!) and persistent.

I believe the top 5 couples are great and well deserved....

* Geoff and Tish - the Filipino's*

Ok...I hate G&T, but watching them is fun too...sebab somebody has to play villains right?

Up to a point I just hate Geoff because of his smart ass act, but this duo is a tough cookie and you have to give them credit to giving their 110%. Tish is a very patient lady, and if she hasn't dumped Geoff by the end of the race maybe they were meant to be.

*I hope they don't win. hehehehe.Evil grin!*

*Ida and Tanya - the Malaysian Mum's*

Hooray to all moms! Both of them are very strong and aspiring, and I would definitely want to be like them (I mean the strong, aspiring and successfull bit....can't really comment on the rest coz I don't know them personally, aite?) and it's a huge thing to know we have women with great character among us.

I love their perserverance, their patience, their happy-go-lucky attitude in completing the challenges. Made myself reflect a lot of times after the show on how much I should improve myself to be that gracefull.

I say gracefull because they are gracefull - in meeting people, in handling themselves, in facing their fears. If it was me there's a lot of censorship required before airing my footage.

Hahahaha! enough siad. You guys rock!

* I hope u win!*

*Bernie and her bro(hahahaah!I can't recall his name. Sorry man!)*

This sibling duo is my favourite among kills me when they have to leave.

*Kenapa la tak kick out the Filipinos?*

They are like the main reason I followed the show in the first place. I think they are very tough! Energetic!

And the brother is funny.

*the Hongkies*

I love this twosome dude all well. Kalau Ida and Tania tak menang, I want them to win! heheheheh! Better than Geoff and Tish.

Too bad they cringe half way parasailing last episode and AD and Fuzzie also give up halfway, otherwise we might just be able to kick...

OK, better not mention that anymore. Otherwise Bailey will kill me for being racist against 50% of my inheritance.

And last but not the least....

*AD & Fuzzie - the Singaporean's*

They have been BFF for ages. And their friendship has been a lot (hahaha, during the race!If I have half the friendship AD and Fuzzie has I'd be darn gratefull) and its mindboggling how they get through episode after episode.

*It also surprises me that the heavier one always do the physical challenges and still get to get through it well - kudos!*

Despite everything, this season is a great season.


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