Friday, November 7, 2008

Its Friday and I am feeling good...


Especially those Fridays when you know that it'll be one hell of a great weekend.

*Huge grin smacked on the face*

Everyone at work is having a jolly good mood. Mostly because we are wrapping up. *yeay!* Yours truly who had practically settled most of the stuff since wednesday is happy too...but not to a point tak ada kerja, no no. There are loose ends to tidy up, but not as stressfull as the week before.

So to celebrate, I had baked dory fish in garden herbs at Manhattan Fish Market for lunch! I even gobbled down the buttered rice. Hehehehe. Great excuse to finally have rice.

*Ye la, dah more than 7 days tak melantak nasi*

Anyway, that's not the only reason for my good mood. This morning I finally fit back into one of my kebaya's (that since raya, did not fit me anymore!). jadi perempuan melayu terakhir la hari ni.*huge grin...again!*So that's definitely another reason to celebrate....

It's 4pm and another 2 hours to go by the end of the day. Hopefully no more info bombarded at the very last minute. If all is clear I might be able to make it to (Mr Cutie) Kunal's yoga class today...

*Crossing my finger and hoping for the best!*

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