Saturday, November 8, 2008

Lazing at home...

Tina cancelled our breakfast date,but i went to bangsar anyway coz I need to get myself waxed.Sigh.So there I was,with my non fat mocha latte and today's The Star.

*they finally released RPK and trashed the the order to detain him under ISA.Finally,one to freedom of speech.It's about time that the court teach the politicians that they should not happily abuse the act for their own benefit*

I didn't spend much time at Bangsar anyway (yeah,sitting alone is kinda pitiful,especially when there are better thing to do) so as soon as I get my work done I head home to grab my gym bag.

Kononnya gigih nak bergym.

But I end up at Cats Whiskers at Damansara Perdana.Hhahaha.Entah macam mana ntah aku melencong sampai sana.

But it came quite fruitful.I end up with two yummilicious cardigan that has an oh-so-flattering-bias-cut-and-slimming-effect...I LOVE!

*Tina,kalau u nampak the cardigan i bet u nak satu.muahahahha!I bought two!*

Anyhow,here I am 2 hours later,and after ironing my silk gown for Cynthia's wedding tonight, I am already a bit malas to go to gym.


Penggagal seh.

I better get going.Kena shower,pergi salon blow rambut,put on make up...though zits are still flaring on my face I still wanna look good!Hehhehe!

Buzz u guys tomorrow!

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